My dear Kacvey,

This is a story that you may wish to share with your students about the notion of truth and its value, as truth has lately been subject of assault from liars, conspirators theorists and adepts of alternative truth or alternative universe. The story went way back to the pre-christian era.

In Book XI of Jewish Antiquities, Josephus narrated the story of Darius who went to bed, but, after resting a brief part of the night, awoke and being unable to sleep any longer, fell to talking to his three bodyguards. Darius asked his first bodyguard whether wine was the strongest thing,  and the second whether kings were, and the third whether women were, or whether truth was the strongest of all. Darius also promised his three bodyguards that whoever should give the truest and most intelligent speech on the subject would be bestowed sumptuous and enormous gifts including the honorific title of “Kinsman.”

When Darius had set these questions for them to examine, he took his rest. Then in the morning he summoned the nobles, satraps and toparchs of Persia and Media, and, taking his seat in the place where he was wont to give judgement, he bode each of the bodyguards give his opinion on the matters in question in the hearing of all.

And the first bodyguard began to speak on the power of wine. When he ceased speaking, the second bodyguard began speaking about the power of the king. When he ceased speaking, the third bodyguard began to discourse on women, and then on truth, saying: “I have now shown how great is the strength of women, but none the less both they and the king are weaker than truth. For although the earth is very great and the heavens high and the sun swift, yet all these move in accordance with the will of God, and, since He is true and just, we must for the same reason believe truth also to be the strongest thing, against which no injustice can prevail. Furthermore, all other things that possess strength are by nature mortal and short-lived, but truth is a thing immortal and eternal. And it gives us, not beauty, that fades with time, nor wealth, of which fortune may rob us, but what is just and lawful, and from this it keeps away injustice and puts it to shame.”

The third bodyguard name is Zorobabelos. When Zorobabelos ended his speech on truth, whereupon the assembly acclaimed him as the best speaker, saying that it was truth alone which had unchanging and unaging strength. And the king directed him to ask for something beyond what he himself had promised, for, he said, he would give it to him for being wise and showing himself more intelligent than the others.  “You shall,” he added, “be seated next to me and be called my Kinsman.”

When the king had said this, Zorobabelos reminded him of what he had vowed to do if he obtained the throne: this was to rebuild Jerusalem and construct the temple of God there and restore the vessels which Nebuchadnezzar had taken as spoil to Babylon.

Is Thbong Khmoum Jail Door Now Open?

My dear Kacvey,

Please keep us posted on the rumor that the Thbong Khmoum jail door has been open, and the weak strongman is caught in his own spinning quagmire.

That’s fast, Kacvey! Thanks, Bro!

The weak strongman is losing direction on his compass and mixing up bishops, knights and rooks on his chess board. 34 years of absolute power are eroding the cells from the monkey mind.

While the released-on-bail of the opposition leader flashed in social media and newspapers throughout the world, the weak strongman secretly flew to his lord’s lair in the Northern Capital, and from there publicly announced the release. Why there, and not in the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk?  Possibly or probably because:
– the lord is not happy of the way the weak strongman handle the sham election;
– the lord has not received any credit from the entire world for helping the weak strongman winning the sham election;
– the lord might have a special message for the future;
– the weak strongman wants to avoid the Singapore hospital (A side question to you, Kacvey: do your students remember where did Sihanouk pass away?)
– the weak strongman executes the ritual pilgrimage to pay respect and re-pledge allegiance to the lord for the grace and fortune dispensed upon him and his tribesmen by the lord;
– the weak strongman wants to assure the lord that the territory is wide open to receive any number of the lord subjects to come and settle.


The Complete Loss of Order

My dear Kacvey,

After the sham election, it looks like the weak strongman is changing the cards deck and sticking his finger out to feel which direction the wind is blowing in order for him to save his dictatorship from a possible and probable shipwreck.

This is how he has been shuffling the new deck of cards: releasing prisoners that his administration and its sycophantic henchmen in the police and judiciary system had arrested, condemned and incarcerated through trumped and bogus charges, and for purely political motives as to silence any critics against his corrupt and repressive policy.

The pregnant vixen named August has been so prolific in delivering cubs, all named Pardon, one after another:
– on 17 August 2018: Kim Sok, a political commentator was released after 18 months in jail;
– on 20 August 2018, Tep Vanny, along with 3 other land rights defenders were released after 2 years in jail;
– on 21 August 2018, Uon Chhin and Yeang Sothearin, two journalists were released on bail;
– on 23 August 2018, Sourn Serey Ratha, the former leader of Khmer Power Party was released after spending more than a year in jail; (N.B. Suorn Serey Ratha was first pardoned in July 2015)
– on 25 August 2018, Um Sam An, an opposition parliamentarian, was released after spending more than 2 years in jail.
– on 27 August 2018, past midnight, Meach Sovannara and 13 other prisoners belonging to the opposition party were released after spending more than 3 years in jail.
(The list will be updated as soon as news on new delivery is provided by the animals hospital.)

Kacvey, this set of successive news on releases and pardons must blow the brain of your students as well as yours as to what has been behind all of these? What is the weak strongman’s next move and what will be future consequences on the overall political landscape of Cambodia?

For now, from the bench of the campus auditorium, let formulate some conjectures or postulates and put them forward to your students for discussions:

Intra-Party pressure
The crooked victory has been the least celebrated in the history of the ruling party: no ovation, no fanfare, no firecrackers, no music, no parade, no joy, no nothing that resembled a pride and well-earned victory. It’s rather like a funerals or dismal and lugubrious mourning, without procession, upon the coffin of the dead body of democracy. They won all the 125 seats, and why are they not happy and elated?

It doesn’t need an Einstein to see through: they won through manipulation, deceit and intimidation, and they OVERDID it. They never feared of losing but they expected massive and public and explosive popular expression of discontentment and rejection. They overplayed their hand, and the people responded with a peaceful, internal, silent and zen-like discontentment and rejection.They felt the atmosphere of public resentment.

Within the close-knit circle of the weak strongman, that public resentment touched sensitive nerves of a few sycophants that still have brain and heart. The relatives of the Dirty Seventeen may ask a very simple question: with such a public resentment, how is the weak strongman going to govern? More repression on “what”, the opposition party being already out of the picture? Well, if the weak strongman has no more “official opposition” to kick around, he will kick those around him around.

Sometimes, sycophants can’t be that stupid all the times.

Kacvey, would you think that this new forum called “Supreme Council of Consultations“(SCC) would make the members of his party happy or be welcomed by them? Who are these 16 scums to check on the power of the ruling party that not only occupies all the 125 seats at the national assembly but also the executive and judiciary branches? The weak strongman by wanting so much to be praised for his  corrupt and unpraisable deeds has just ridiculed himself inexorably.

International Pressure
Kacvey, you have already read tons of literature on the reactions of the international community to the sham election, and what they had done and expect to do in the future. We continue to document and update ourselves ceaselessly from Washington, Brussels and Canberra, Northern Capital and Eastern Capital falling off the radar.

What makes the weak strongman so frustrated with the international pressure that dominates the news during the electoral campaign, the sham election and afterward? His entire government runs out of arguments and ideas to counter Washington or Brussels, and there is NOBODY to carry the torch to challenge both capitals; (Oh, there is one, the head of the bodyguard unit who is ready to make war against the US!) he himself, having no personal ability nor skill to sit at the table and articulate and negotiate in person and viva voce.

Moreover, there is one disconnect between the weak strongman and the Dirty Seventeen that surround him in supporting his autocratic power: The international pressure is more strongly felt by the Dirty Seventeen than by the weak strongman himself. The weak strongman keeps on quacking to whom who wants to listen to that he has no fortune stacked in overseas accounts, but things are not the same with the Dirty Seventeen with regards to Australia and the US. If these Dirty Seventeen truly believe in the perennity of the weak strongman, why don’t they leave their fortune in Cambodia along with the weak strongman’s wealth? Why do they stash their fortune in Australia or the US or anywhere else outside Cambodia?

The Dirty Seventeen may ask a simple question: if their name are black listed, what can the weak strongman do to make it “white”? Weak Strongman, you have the floor, like you routinely do in front of the garment workers, before or after the sham election! Dirty Seventeen are waiting!

Oh Kacvey, one more thing. The weak strongman is also planning to sell his crooked victory through sham election to some European governments and the United Nations in New York in September and October (and also Japan, but well, don’t waste our time with Tokyo!) But there seems to be no enthusiasm and heat in preparing these so-called official trips: the feedback from those capitals is that the weak strongman would not to be welcome as a national liberator like Gandhi or Mandela, but would rather be met with snubs and massive demonstrations. [Remember the burning of ទីងមោង​ in Australia in March 2018!]

World leaders – except those notorious one-party state dictators – know the difference between a democratically elected head of government and a banana state autocrat. What ever speech he will deliver would never be believed, the burden of the sham election being so heavy and already undeniable. Poor speech writer(s), you’ll have such an impossible task, especially when your heart is only 50% with what and whom you work with!

By the same token, would the Dirty Seventeen dare showing their face with the autocratic delegation to visit their relatives attending colleges or to check on their properties in those places?

The devil in a saint cloak
The Sichuan Opera 川剧 is also known as the faces changing art 变脸. In this genre of opera, generally male actors or performers change from one face or mask to another almost instantaneously with the swipe of a fan, a movement of the head, or wave of the hand. With such a frequent visit to China, the weak strongman must certainly have attended that opera.

Kacvey, you may ask what has to do with the weak strongman and his sham election aftermath? Well, it has to do with how he’s managing that aftermath. He’s trying to change the mask of an evil dictator to a saint with a halo! He’s promoting himself as a saint showing mercy,  compassion and clemency to the same prisoners that months or years earlier his bodyguards or judiciary goons, on his direct orders, arrested them and threw them in jail for no constitutional or legal rhyme or reason? Now that the sham election is over, and the democratic threat to his regime has already been crushed, he dons a saint cloak and mask to bless his autocratic sins.

A wicked man is capable of everything: one day he’s Satan, the next day a saint, and on and on. A wicked man can fool Tom, Dick or Harry some of the time but he cannot fool them all the time. It’s a fashion now for murderous ex-KR to hide behind religion conversion and to be reborn to cleanse their guilty conscience from the genocidal blood, but the weak strongman needs to attend theology classes if he wants his saint cloak to be believed.

“To keep you is no benefit. To destroy you is no loss.”
These two phrases were used by Pol Pot and his ideologues to inflict accusation on the New People that the Khmer Rouge were about to do away with.

As soon as Tep Vanny and three other human rights defenders were released from jail, the kangaroo court of the weak strongman found her and other five members of the community guilty of OTHER crime. It’s not a secret to anybody that the weak strongman has in his sleeves a plethora of accusations against anybody that criticizes him or his repressive and corrupt authority. Cases in point are those of the self-exiled and ex-leader of the opposition and the current opposition leader who has been put in jail since September 2017 without investigations, charges or evidence of any wrongdoing.

The weak strongman exercises his repressive authority like an octopus: one tentacle release one prisoner at a time, others catch others; and once a prisoner is caught, the octopus spews its black ink on him/her that can’t be erased; it tells the prisoner she/he is “marked” for ever. The message from the weak strongman is clear: once a prisoner of him, there is no escape. Any release, through pardon or otherwise, is just a temporary relief. For now, “to keep you [in jail] is no benefit.”

Kacvey, your students might also ask what do these releases and pardons have to do with the crimes that those recently-released have been wrongly and fictitiously accused of? Why have they been subject to double punishment? Beware, the devil in a saint cloak remains a devil till end of its time.

The weak strongman, having put Cambodia during the last 34 years in a state of complete loss of order, has not had a good night sleep since the end of the sham election.

– on 4 September 2018, UCA News reported: Political analyst flees Cambodia after threats to daughter – Recently released Kim Sok warned by caller to stop criticizing Hun Sen’s government
– on 8 September 2018, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported: Long Beach resident held political prisoner for years in Cambodia safely returns to U.S.

A Poem about KhmerPAC

My dear Kacvey,

Wish to share with you this poem written by a visitor, and hope you would, sotto voce, THANK the author if, by any chance, you both meet each other somehow and somewhere.

ខ្មែរបក្ស” [KHMERPAC]

ខ្មែរបក្ស”កវីសំដីពីរោះ តើចិត្តពិតស្មោះដូចចិត្ត”សុទ្ធ”ស្មាន
សុទ្ធ”សឹងស្រែកយំ”សុទ្ធ”ទ្រំាំមិនបាន “សុទ្ធ”សូមរាប់អាន”កវី”យល់ព្រម?

ខ្មែរបក្ស”កវីថ្វីមិនទាន់ស្គាល់ “សុទ្ធ”សែនកង្វល់ឆ្ងល់មិនគ្រប់ល្មម
ចង់ដឹងចង់យល់”កវី”ខ្លឹមស្រោម? “ខ្មែរបក្ស”ចំណោមចំណែកណាខ្លះ?

កវីប្រាប់ “សុទ្ធ”ដោយចិត្តស្ម័គ្រស្មោះ កុំតែបង់បោះលះបាត់បំណង!

សុទ្ធ”អាចនិយាយពីរ(២)ភាសាទៀត សូម”កវី”ឆ្លៀតសំរួលសំរង់
ប្រាប់មក”សុទ្ធ”វិញប្រាប់ដោយត្រង់ៗ ព្រោះតែ “សុទ្ធ”ចង់យល់អ្វី”ខ្មែរបក្ស”?

Dans “Le discours de la méthode”, René Descartes disait: “La poésie est des dons de l’esprit plutôt que des fruits de l’étude.”

Another “Pardon”?

My dear Kacvey,

Al Jazeera just reported that Cambodia rights activist freed from jail after pardon. While we are delighted about Tep Vanny’s release from unjust incarceration, we wish her more courage in the enjoyment of freedom that is being crushed by the autocratic regime of the ex-KR weak strongman.

Pardon doesn’t solve the issue of her land that was illegally and forcefully grabbed from her. Where is it now? Why is it not also “pardoned” or returned to her? Why subjecting her to double punishment?

There is no doubt that this royal pardon that was initiated and requested by the weak strongman is part of his stratagem to placate the severe and ferocious condemnations of his horrid and crooked victory over a sham election. In the same vein, let your memory be refreshed by a letter that was written to you on 4 December 2016 under the title: War of Words – Part IV: Would Royal Pardon end It?

In the land of the Khmer, things are getting worst with autocracy and corruption hitting the 7th sky. The same weak strongman whose henchmen took the land from Tep Vanny, arrested her for protest against such barbarian acts, condemned and jailed her in the kangaroo court with servitude to the autocrat, now pretends to be a liberator or savior sowing pardon to those upon whom he inflicted injuries? Give heaven a break!

Kacvey, beware of a sleeping fox with one eye closed, or as Ruth Brown, once said: “A fox is a wolf who sends flowers.”

On 15 August 2018

My dear Kacvey,

Did you have time to breathe a little bit with a glass of iced tea after those announcements from both the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk and Washington?

With allowance given for the difference of time zone, the sycophant nec (like in “pain in the …”) announced, as reported by AFP, that Cambodia ruling party sweeps parliament after vote with no opposition.

The weak strongman had just the time to brag in his Facebook account about the horrid and crooked victory on the sham election, Reuters reported from Washington that the U.S. says it is expanding visa bans over ‘flawed’ Cambodia poll.

And oh boy, what a slap under the eye of the weak strongman! And the Dirty Dozen, or Dirty Seventeen, must have been working hard on the phone to their relatives or handlers in the US. Meanwhile, their ambassador in Washington is nowhere to be seen or heard of. He’s just too small to face such a big political summer hurricane! And their new permanent representative to the UN hasn’t even known what is the difference between the UN and the US.

Meanwhile the lord of the Northern Capital has congratulated the weak strongman for being a docile vassal by keeping the Chinese overseas possession a fertile terrain for Chinese casinos and thugs and settlers from the Mainland.

Kacvey, more update will be forthcoming.


A Horrid and Crooked Victory

My dear Kacvey,

The 29 July 2018 foregone conclusion was no surprise to the weak strongman that he had to vomit his tainted pride by declaring that his party had won the entire 125 seats, that his parliament would meet in mid-September and that his autocratic government will be formed the following day; all of those even before his sycophantic and enslaved NEC had issued the official tallies or whatever.

29 July 2018 has gone and the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk remains the same, some part of it under the monsoon water, the military and police display before the election as a stupid pretext to intimidate any demonstration or disruption was all paper tiger, and the only noise that come out of the boring atmosphere is the barking sounds of two rabid dogs vociferating idiotically against each other at 9,934 Km apart through their Facebook postings.

The election and its campaign process was engineered and orchestrated by the weak strongman to such a point that he himself started to doubt its outcome by pretending to campaign energetically with mass rallies as never seen before. The fox was running alone against 19 freshly hatched chicks in the race track supervised by the fox owner and his handlers. The fox won and made a copious meal out of the 19 chicks. And it claims victory. A fox is an animal, a beast. If a man is a fox, he’s also a beast.

Kacvey, your students must have spent post-electoral time sharing their thoughts that seemed to be frozen as a dark and thick cloud of uncertainty had come down to envelop the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk:

  • where was the long line of voters waiting to cast their ballots justifying 82.1% turnout?
  • who were there to ensure that every ballot was genuine and legit and authentically casted by each voter? (Please do not waste your time with the zombies monitors, as zombies are zombies!)
  • why does the NEC that pretends to be independent let the weak strongman unhingedly declare victory with back-up percentage?
  • why does it take so long to tally the ballots?
  • regardless of the number of votes he collected, how many of those were cast under fear, threat or intimidation?
  • where are the voices of candidates? why is the weak strongman the only person who talks, and the more he talks, the more nonsense comes out?

The weak strongman had been beaten up in the field of propaganda: the whole world – Oops! except the Northern Capital – vehemently condemned the election and its foregone outcome. No one has come to its rescue from shame and disgrace. The phrase is “sham election.” After 33 years of power and a “sham election” is handed to him to swallow; he has to swallow what he spat out: his autocratic organization and machination of the whole electoral process to ensure his own victory: a victory without glory and honor, and devoid of value and morality. As the old saying goes: there is no honor among thieves.

The pride of a young Khmer Rouge fighting spirit has faded away under the appearance of an old and frail body of incurable corruption and dictatorial mind.

A victory without a fight is indignant of a warrior. A samurai will never accept it. A bitter and coward victory, even a fighting cock would never accept it. Ah, because the weak strongman feels the bitterness and acerbity in the mind of his sycophants or corrupt supporters. The latter silently disapproved and resented, otherwise:

  • where are the joy, the excitement and the ecstasy of a victory long and hard fought?
  • was the lack of joy, elation, glee and euphoria commensurate with level of public dislike and unhappiness?
  • where are the fanfares, the singers and dancers executing their joyous mood to the sounds of drums and trumpets blaring the music of victory?
  • where is the press conference in front of a forest of microphones answering tough questions on the raison d’être of electoral victory, satisfaction and dignity, instead of the same, monotonous, sterile, meaningless and staged monologues in front of the stone-faced garment workers?
  • where are the parades of motorcycles or Lexus transporting the people in white shirts waving their party banners?
  • where is the offering to the monks who share the corrupt political ideology and practice?
  • where is the celebration that resembles past victory?

The answer is simple:

  • past victory was DEMOCRATIC, and games were played by the rules;
  • 29 July 2018 victory is AUTOCRATIC, and rules of the games were voluntarily thrown into the cesspool.

The weak strongman is ashamed of himself. He thought the world will come to embrace his victory with a laurel crown, instead the world shun him.

The weak strongman is tired of being alone and lonely sitting on the highest chair and above the clouds; he can’t see what’s happening beneath the clouds, in Kg Som for example. His weak eye is getting weaker, his ears do not want to listen to or hear any voice of reason or wisdom from non-sycophants. His mouth still talks big but all other parts have already “depreciated”. His heart has left the Inner River for the Northern Capital to which he vassalizes the land of the Khmer.

The weak strongman will continue his journey of autocracy and dictatorship over the heads of Cambodians, but he will face very serious challenges that are the consequences of his own immoral victory; he will face the problems that he, by design, has created internally and internationally.

No woman or man, no matter how long she/he has been victim of “bak sbaat”, can no longer lend unconditional support to a weak strongman whose shoulders and joints suffer from the weight of 33 years of carrying on the legacy of the Khmer Rouge.

No man can govern his unhappy subjects.

The Dirty Dozen + Others

My dear Kacvey,

Two dates in June 2018 had shaken the confidence and serenity by which the autocrat has been behaving himself amid the institutional and political storm that he voluntarily created since September 2017 to protect his personal and despotic ambition and the economic and financial interests of his tribe in view of the legislative elections scheduled for 29 July 2018.

Bu in the following month, more revelations have come from various news organizations that hit the head of the nail harder and harder.

For our records:

Keeping track of numbers with new total: The Dirty Seventeen [Dirty 17].

When truth speaks, its voice is louder than the thunder and carries beyond the horizon.

So far, the autocrat has not made any official comments yet, his barking dogs doing the dirty work for him in lieu of his silence. Let him brew his reactions in his own heart and mind, but whatever he feels his autocratic machinery will certainly have no ability to rebut the issues point by point, line by line, or item by item. The revelation is like a sharp arrow piercing the heart of the wolf to bleed in its loneliness.

Kacvey, there must be some children or relatives of the “Dirty Dozen + Others” among your law school students. How would they hold up their face in front of their friends and peers whose parents are law-abiding, honest and accountable? The burden that corrupt fathers impugn on their children’s shoulders is so heavy and the shame that those children have to endure in years to come is so devastating that even history could not save them.

Ask Lon Nol’s or Pol Pot’s children!


“No leader is forever”

My dear Kacvey,

Reuters reported that on 7 June 2018 in Montréal, Canada, the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, said, inter alia, that “No leader is forever.” Although the tweet was made in the context of the G7 meeting, it could reverberate to mean that everything has a time limit, even for president, head of state or elected officials.

As far as post-French colonial Cambodia is concerned, “No leader is forever” is so true: gone were Sihanouk, Lon Nol and Pol Pot. On the international arena, also gone were Mao Zedong and Ho Chi Minh.

Any Cambodian leader who thinks that he is a leader forever is a fool who fools himself about his ephemeral grandeur and vanity. A leader whose ears do no longer ring with the voices of the people has reached the end of the path to the cliff.

No leader is forever and leader who doesn’t know when to quit will certainly lose the bet against his own sorrow.

Post scriptum
Text of Emmanuel Macron’s tweet:
“Aucun dirigeant n’est éternel. Nous héritons d’engagements qui nous dépassent. Nous les portons. C’est la vie des nations.”

“No leader is eternal. We inherit commitments which are beyond us. We take them on. That is the life of nations.”

The Old Fox and the Nineteen Cockerels

My dear Kacvey,

You and your students will face a difficult choice on 29 July 2018:
– to vote or not to vote?
– to vote by casting a void ballot or to vote for which party?
– how could conscience dictate?

Damn you vote, damn you don’t.
Damn you vote, damn the autocrat wins (by predetermination).
Damn you don’t vote, damn the autocrat still wins (by predetermination).
It’s a lose-lose situation, for the voters and/or non-voters.
When citizen’s sovereign rights and freedom of choice are trampled by autocracy that disguises itself as a democracy, crass as it is!

What a difference since the communal elections on 4 June 2017! Polyphemus, being rejected by the people spit fire and burned democracy to death. And he’s trying to disguise his gullible acts by promoting his autocratic democracy through multiplication of new parties that have never ever proven that they have done anything to Cambodia and its people: 11 parties at the 4 June 2017 communal elections, and now 19 parties for the legislative on 29 July 2018. Numbers are phony in their democratic meaning.

The scenario designed and orchestrated by the autocrat resembles a field controlled for more than 30 years by an old fox with 19 newly hatched chicks. Since all parties-chicks seem to be male, let call them cockerels. This reminds of a Latin phrase ‘Ovem lupo commitere’ that could be interpreted as “foxes sneak in chicken coops and eat the chickens.”

To push the pretense to an absurdity level, through the politicization of Buddhism, they set up a drawing ceremony on 29 May 2018 to attribute number to the 20 parties. Calculated fortune is that autocracy gets number 20 so that the autocrat’s sycophants could bark that democracy is well served. What does that type of number serve anyway, since victory for the ruling party has been already schemed, designed and planned since September 2017!

Boo! Boo!

Kacvey, your students might ask:
– what if the predetermined victory would not turn out to be glorious or glorified, under the heavy pressure of international opinion, the autocrat decided at the last-minute to open the gate of Thbong Khmoum jail and release the falsely-charged prisoner?
– would he postpone the election so as to allow the opposition to organize the campaign or would he not postpone it and argue on the 5-year ban?
– in June 2017, there were 7,107,395 voters, out of which 3,540,056 went to the ruling party, and 3,056,824 to the opposition. You do the math, Kacvey. What if 4 or 5 millions of combined ruling or opposition voters did not show up on 29 July 2018?! A tsunami of non-voters! Khmer electorate understands better and better the power of their voices and secret ballots since UNTAC elections in May 1993, and it continues to learn and appreciate it as times go forward;
– what if millions of voters show up at and flood the polling stations 15 minutes before the poll closing time or sunset?
– what if those millions voted for the party numbered “21”, like playing golf’s “19th hole”?
– would the autocrat be happy or satisfied with a victory with 99.99% ballots in his favor, or would he play false modesty by allowing some parties (such as for example the scum party that sits in the opposition seats in the national assembly and the senate after the opposition was annihilated) to get 10 to 15 seats out of the total of 123?
– what if the autocrat politics through Facebook that he feeds many, many hours per day has a negative return despite his (authentic or otherwise) millions and millions “likes”?
– in the mean time, what if Hypnos could re-play the trick against Zeus on the esplanade of Angkor Wat?

A lot of stuff to think about, Kacvey!