The Weak Strongman Gets Hacked

My dear Kacvey,

You and your students must be scratching your heads when the news about hacking was all over the wire services. Smart Alec outsmarted by a dog?!

For records:
1) The United States Department of Justice: Four Chinese Nationals Working with the Ministry of State Security Charged with Global Computer Intrusion Campaign Targeting Intellectual Property and Confidential Business Information, Including Infectious Disease Research
2) Prak Chan Thul and James Pearson reported for Reuters: Chinese hackers stole Mekong data from Cambodian foreign ministry – sources
3) Sun Reported for VOA: អាមេរិក​ចោទ​ជនជាតិ​ចិន​ថា លួច​ទិន្នន័យ​ពី​កម្ពុជា​ទាក់​ទង​នឹង​ការពិភាក្សា​អំពី​ទន្លេ​មេគង្គ
US Indictment Alleges Chinese Hack of Cambodian Ministry

Well, as American justice takes its course, would you, Kacvey, expand this short rhyme into something more poetic for your students:

The weak strongman gets fooled by its master
Hacking its mfaic over issue of Mekong River.

Meanwhile, Inner River is laughing louder and louder;
Its infidel old valet has become indignant to Ho’s honor.

A valet serving two masters, sooner or later,
Will surely end up in a catastrophic Ta Khmao sewer.

When The Weak Strongman Is Also A Hypocrite

My dear Kacvey,

Do you happen to know that the weak strongman came out of his 2nd quarantine wearing a robe of hypocrisy in front of the public?

This is what the media reported today:
– Phnom Penh Post: លោក​នាយក​រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី អំពាវនាវ​ដល់​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋឱ្យ​ថែរក្សា​ការពារ​ព្រៃឈើ
– VOD: នាយក​រដ្ឋ​មន្ត្រី​​អំពាវ​នាវ​ឱ្យ​​ពលរដ្ឋ​​ការពារ​និង​ដាំដុះ​ព្រៃឈើ​ដើម្បី​​មនុស្ស​គ្រប់​ជំនាន់

Does he still have a sense of self-respect? Doesn’t he know that hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest have been deforested by members of his Hostile Takeover and sycophantic ah-nhoks? Millions of words have already been written on records documenting how the weak strongman destroys Khmer mountains and forests.

Well, either the weak strongman is totally senile or he is completely sick in the head.

Adlai Stevenson I, once, said: “A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation.”

Kacvey, please advice your students to fasten very tight their seat belts. The weak strongman is getting weaker and weaker: politically, mind and body.

The Deputy vs. PM

My dear Kacvey,

In a cavern inside the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk, is the war between the “prime minister” and his 1st deputy now open to public view?

You may wish to closely analyze these 2 articles since you live right in the middle of the axis between the residences of the weak strongman and of the “deputy”:
1) Cambodianess: “Confiscated Lion Returned to Chinese Owner Following PM Hun Sen’s Intervention” by reporter/journalist Phoung Vantha, and
2) Phnom Penh Post: “Sar Kheng: No violence towards protesters” by reporter/journalist Voun Dara.

Is the weak strongman now trying to tell the world that not only he screwed his government front and back by stupidly reversing his own Ministry of Environment action just to please his Northern Capital master but also by so dying he is the worst imbecile and sick among world autocrats, past and present?

Kacvey, would you happen to know whether the weak strongman and the deputy talk to each other, and why the deputy was not at the meeting with U.S. Deputy State Secretary when the issues of human rights, arrest and jailing of opposition politicians and activist were discussed?

Rumors of dissention inside the corrupt people party has been in the air for quite sometime, is this the 1st of ray of light out of that tunnel of secrecy after 37 years of ex-KR rules, corruption as high as Mount Everest and wide as the Pacific ocean, and the selling of land, lakes, rivers, seashores, swamps, forests, rice fields, sands and mountains to 2 groups of foreigners?

The weak strongman was so silent on the issue of eviction of floating houses on the Mekong, and now becomes so vocal on the lion owned by that hideous Chinese man? Is he now the unconditional defender of the Chinese man inhumanely atrocious and illegal action?

There is common denominator between the Chinese man and the weak strongman: their attitude of cruelty against living creatures. The weak strongman arrests and jails opposition politicians and activists with bogus and trumped charges. The hideous Chinese man deteethed and denailed the lion, a torture method in ancient time and similar to what went on in Tuol Sleng under the KR, to which the weak strongman belonged before he fled to the neighboring country to seek help in 1977.

How Sick Could The Weak Strongman Be?

My dear Kacvey,

While he is undergoing his second quarantine in less than year (1st quarantine in November 2020), he openly told the world that he is also taking traditional Chinese medicine “lianhua qinqwen 连花清瘟” as per these 3 articles from VOA and VOD:

1) លោកហ៊ុនសែនថាលោក​ប្រើថ្នាំ​បុរាណ​ចិន​«ការពារបន្ថែម»ទោះ​មន្ត្រី​សុខាភិបាល​ប្រាប់​ពលរដ្ឋ​ឱ្យ​ជៀសវាង​ការប្រើប្រាស់​ដែល​មិន​ចាំបាច់
2) Hun Sen Contradicts Senior Health Official Over Use of Traditional Medicines
3) Fearing ‘Third Wave,’ Hun Sen Talks Unused Ventilators, Herbal Remedies, Buying Up 80 Percent of Coffins in Stock

Whether he’s taking it with or without his doctor’s recommendation is his exercise of his freedom (if he knows what freedom is for other people!) and he’s the sole person responsible for his own action. Inch Allah!

The main point of this letter is the questions:
1) How sick the weak strongman is?
2) If he’s quarantined because he was assumed to be “near” or “in contact” with people who had Covid or were tested positive, why taking lianhua and bragging about it?
3) Inversely, because he takes lianhua, wasn’t he then tested positive or in other words “sick”?
4) Is lianhua a preventive or a curative medicine, or both?
5) What idiot would take a curative medicine if he/she is not sick?
6) Has Covid found its way to connect with the two hospitalizations in Singapore?

Hope doctors at Takhmao lair behave differently from those at the White House under the 45th!

Vaccine and Quarantine

My dear Kacvey,
And Happy Father’s Day!

Wish that your students and you are aware of this latest news as reported by Agence France Presse through Cambodianess: Cambodian PM in quarantine, cancels meeting with UK’s Raab and Bangkok Post: Hun Sen in quarantine, 20 Covid deaths in Cambodia

In your virtual classroom discussions, few things should not be overlooked:
1) the weak strongman was jabbed with AstraZeneca;
2) a noticed novelty: the always-super-arrogant weak strongman used phrases such as: “I apologize …”, and ” I beg for understanding…” Why didn’t or can’t he ever use such words towards Khmer? or could it possibly a sort of case of “terminal lucidity”?
3) His doctors “required he be tested”: What was the test result?
4) His “doctors required he … undergo quarantine for 14 days until July 3.” What did his doctors know?
5) Has his arrogance now had the better of him from his visit to China in February 2020, his greetings extended to Westerdam passengers in Kg Som, his meeting with Hungarian Foreign Minister in November 2020, and his mutism on the daily cases of death reported in Cambodia?

Terminal lucidity is a term coined by German biologist, Michael Nahm,  that refers to an unexpected return of mental clarity and memory, or suddenly regained consciousness that occurs in the time shortly before death.

The Weak Strongman Admits he is a Dictator

My dear Kacvey,

Your students and you will have to open a new subject for discussion on a common issue in the 3 pieces of information as follows:

1) Cambodianess
Hun Sen Blames Bad Governance, Orders Stringent COVID Measures as WHO Warns of Health Disaster

2) Channel News Asia
Cambodian PM Hun Sen threatens COVID-19 quarantine-breakers with jail

3) Persuasion
The Other Tyrants

After 36 years, the weak strongman issued, from the KR revolutionary, educational and guerilla stock reveals his definition of his own character and nature: not only dictatorial but also intrinsically uneducated, savage, corrupt, irreligious, unethical, irresponsible and unaccountable.

Unable to re-engineer himself out of the vassalhood that he has bounded himself with two foreign masters and with that, alienated the entire nation and population to only God-knows when, his self-admission seems to be the last chapter that he can write on the screen on his FB account despite the arrogance of his language. He has nobody to adulate or “admire” him anymore, nobody to “hold his eggs” (trôr pông) anymore, but only his remaining sycophants and the image of himself that he can only see half of it on the reflection on his computer screen. He threatens to arrest and jail more innocent people, but he’s so blind not to see that he is a prisoner of his own power within four walls of his palace with only a peep to the outside world through ZOOM, FB or YouTube!

He is a prisoner of fear.

He is a selfish tyrant who destroys Cambodia.

As Soren Kierkegaard, once, said: “The tyrant dies and his rule is over, the martyr dies and his rule begins.”

The “Weak Strongman” or Two Weak Strongmen

My dear Kacvey,

Do you recall the term “weak strongman” that was in this letter “The Weak and Desperate Strongman” of 9 October 2017, and that has also been used in our later correspondences?

Well, Foreign Affairs has published an article under the signature of Timothy Frye and titled: “Russia’s Weak Strongman – The Perilous Bargains That Keep Putin in Power

What an interesting article that presents so many similarities with our original “weak strongman”!

Enjoy the reading with your students!

“Delay Is Preferable To Error”

My dear Kacvey,

Today is 4 January 2021, and you, without a doubt, have heard that the return of the vice-president of the opposition has been postponed to 15 January 2021.

Since the weak strongman in the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk has confirmed that he is a pure selfish coward and funk in refusing to issue entry visa to her and to other members of the opposition to attend the court hearing for which they have been summoned, it is fair to assess that such coward strongman has weighed his dilemma on the scale of risks: no matter what happens, for his political safety, it would be preferable for him, for now, to keep the opposition outside the country, be it in France or the US, by using whatever means available: ugly, illegal, irrational, insane or otherwise; simultaneously, inside the country, he would continue the politics of repression by his goons and injustice by his kangaroos court. He is not that dumb not to know that if the vice-president returned, she would be acclaimed and welcomed like the former oppo No. 1 did in July 2013. The specter of that return combined with the one related to the funerals of Mr. Kem Ley in July 2016 still haunt him day and night, because never in his life he has been recognized, acclaimed, cherished or respected like in those 2 events, albeit 3 years apart. Worst, as of now, the only contact with the people, even his own people, is through the solitary screen of Facebook in his gilded 4-wall palace guarded by thousands of bodyguards.

The following articles are for your students to keep abreast of the fluidity of the situation and to ponder consequently. The letter will be updated as situation evolves:

– RFA, 2 January 2021
ថ្នាក់ដឹកនាំ​គណបក្ស​សង្គ្រោះ​ជាតិ​លើក​ពេល​វិល​ចូល​ស្រុក​ពី​ថ្ងៃ​ទី៤ ទៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​១៥ មករា​វិញ
– Phnom Penh Post, 4 January 2021
Former senior CNRP lawmaker’s return postponed
– VOA, 4 January 2021
មាតុភូមិ​និវត្តន៍​របស់​លោក​ស្រី មូរ សុខហួរ ​ត្រូវ​ជួប​ឧបសគ្គ​ដោយ​ពុំ​ទាន់​បាន​ទិដ្ឋាការ​ប្រភេទ ​K
Cambodian Gov’t Says Mu Sochua Free to Come Back, But Won’t Issue Visa

Is this postponement to 15 January 2021 a blessing in disguise for the opposition or “timeo danaos et dona ferentes” for the coward? Since no mortal can predict the future, it would not be imprudent or injudicious to reflect on the words of:
1) Thomas Jefferson in his letter to George Washington on 16 May 1792: “Delay is preferable to error“, and
2) Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger in his interview with Smithsonian Magazine in November 2010:  “A delay is better than a disaster.”

Stay tuned!


1. SEA GLOBE, 5 January 2021
‘Be a leader’: Sochua calls on king to intervene to ensure her return
2. The Diplomat, 7 January 2021
A Letter from a Cambodian Woman in Exile
3. RFA, 8 January 2021
4. The Diplomat, 11 January 2021
The Cambodian government says it will not grant travel documents to exiles hoping to return to stand trial.
5. RFA, 11 January 2021
មេធាវី​ការពារ​ក្ដី​ឱ្យ​មេ​ដឹក​នាំ​បក្ស​ប្រឆាំង​គ្រោង​ដាក់​លិខិត​ទៅ​តុលាការ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី១២ មករា​ជួយ​អន្តរាគមន៍​អាច​ឱ្យ​កូនក្ដី​ខ្លួន​មាន​វត្តមាន​នៅ​តុលាការ
Opposition Lawyer to Request Court Allow Clients Entry to Cambodia to Face Charges
6- Thmey Thmey, 13 January 2021
លោកស្រី មួរ សុខ​ហួរ ស្នើសុំ​ព្រះមហាក្សត្រ​អន្តរាគមន៍​លើ​រដ្ឋាភិបាល ​ឱ្យ​ខ្លួន​ចូល​ស្រុកវិញ​ ដើម្បីតតាំងរឿងក្តី
7- RFI, 16 January 2021
ដំណើរមាតុភូមិនិវត្តន៍របស់ថ្នាក់ដឹកនាំអតីតគណបក្សប្រឆាំង ទទួលបរាជ័យជាលើកទីពីរ
លោក​ស្រី មូរ សុខហួរ ទាមទារ​រក​យុត្តិធម៌ ក្រោយ​ត្រូវ​ក្រុមហ៊ុន​អាកាសចរណ៍​បដិសេធ​មិន​ឲ្យ​ឡើង​យន្តហោះ

There was 9 November 2019. Now, it’s 4 January 2021

My dear Kacvey,

You’re certainly aware of the planned return from the US of the vice-president of the opposition party to the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk on 4 January 2021. If you are, local media comments, analysis, opinions can’t escape your attention. That being said, you must now be waiting for the reaction of the weak strongman: Would he behave the same way as he did on 8-9 November 2019 when the oppo No. 1 was returning from Paris via Bangkok and then changed to Malaysia, such as: threatening to arrest him as soon as he stepped his feet on Khmer land, threatening international airlines, pressuring neighboring ASEAN governments not to let him in their country, mobilizing thousands of bodyguards, soldiers and policemen, deployment of tanks, missiles, heavy artillery and machine guns near the borders and at airports?

Nobody is surprised anymore if that would happen again! Fear of losing power is the food that the weak strongman feeds himself every time he breathes.

But thing is different this time around: the vice-president of the opposition volunteered to return at her own “known and expected” risk and peril in direct response to the subpoena issued to her to appear at the court on criminal charges. The first questions are: Will the weak strongman allow his sycophantic embassy if Washington DC to issue entry visa to Cambodia to her on her US passport? Would he have political courage to allow that to happen and be enough of a man to be face-to-face with the opposition of the opposite sex?

Meanwhile, your attention is drawn to these two articles where the position of the US ambassador to Cambodia is very clear and unambiguous:
VOA, 18 December 2020
សហរដ្ឋ​អាមេរិក ប្រាប់​កម្ពុជា​ឱ្យ​គោរព​និង​ទទួល​សំឡេង​ប្រឆាំង
U.S. Ambassador Questions Cambodia’s Single-Party Parliament, Attacks on Dissent

Time will tell what will happen on that 4 January 2021 at Pochentong airport in front of world television cameras and thousands smart phones. History tells that the Pol Pot KR and his brain-washed subalterns were not afraid of inflicting fatality or injury to innocent Khmer, as testified by the torture instruments and photos left in S-21 and the skulls in Choeung Ek. Will the weak strongman issue order to his thousands bodyguards, soldiers and policemen to arrest the single unarmed lady after her deplaning?

What other alternatives would the weak strongman have? One ploy that he has been recently using and quite often is to let the judges who are under his power grip to find any excuse, lame or otherwise, to postpone the hearing again and again. So doing, postponement saves his cowardliness and spinelessness.

Kacvey, this letter will be updated with any development that will occur between now and 4 January 2021.


– RFA, 2 January 2021
ថ្នាក់ដឹកនាំ​គណបក្ស​សង្គ្រោះ​ជាតិ​លើក​ពេល​វិល​ចូល​ស្រុក​ពី​ថ្ងៃ​ទី៤ ទៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​១៥ មករា​វិញ
– Phnom Penh Post, 4 January 2021
Former senior CNRP lawmaker’s return postponed
– VOA, 4 January 2021
មាតុភូមិ​និវត្តន៍​របស់​លោក​ស្រី មូរ សុខហួរ ​ត្រូវ​ជួប​ឧបសគ្គ​ដោយ​ពុំ​ទាន់​បាន​ទិដ្ឋាការ​ប្រភេទ ​K

The Three Kingdoms

My dear Kacvey,

Please do not be alarmed by the title of this letter; it has nothing to do with the classic “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” 三国演义 with states of Wei 魏, Shu 漢 and Wu 吳, nor with Liu Bei 刘备, Cao Cao 曹操, Zhu Geliang 诸葛亮, Zhang Fei 张飞 or Guan Yu 关羽 etc… It is rather about the three kingdoms in current Southeast Asia, and on the way how each suzerain, in dealing with or governing his people, is seen in contemporary time through media.

Numerous articles have been written about the suzerains of these three kingdoms that you and your students could easily find in google for expansive information. However only 3 articles have been chosen as a base for discussion in this letter.

Reuters, 25 October 2020
Malaysia’s king rejects emergency rule in blow to PM Muhyiddin

The New York Times, 18 November 2020
‘Now, We Fight Face to Face’: Thailand’s Protests Shatter Taboos
Reuters, 18 December 2020
The last taboo

Radio Free Asia, 21 October 2020
ឧត្ដម​ទីប្រឹក្សា​ផ្ទាល់​នៃ​ព្រះមហាក្សត្រ ថ្លែង​ថា ព្រះរាជា​បច្ចុប្បន្ន ដូច​ជាប់​ឃុំ​ក្នុង​វាំង ព្រោះ​ស្ថាប័ន​រដ្ឋាភិបាល
Radio Free Asia, 30 October 2020
“រដ្ឋាភិបាល​មិន​បាន​គាំទ្រ​ព្រះមហាក្សត្រ​បំពេញ​ព្រះរាជ តួនាទី​ពេញលេញ​តាម​រដ្ឋធម្មនុញ្ញ”

Your students should be suggested to conduct a comparative study on the difference in way the suzerains reign over and rule their subjects. Today’s news from Sweden could give some impetus to the thinking when the Swedish monarch, as reported in Business Insider, openly said: “I think we have failed. We have a large number who have died, and that is terrible

This brings us to recall 1) what the Proverbs of Solomon said: “In the multitude of people is the king’s honor; but in the want of people is the destruction of the prince”, and 2) what Bhumibol Adulyadej, king of Thailand, once said about himself: “I am not afraid if the criticism concerns what I do wrong, because then I know. Because if you say the King cannot be criticized, it means that the King is not human.”

Please let us know when they complete their homework!


1. Asia Times, 12 January 2021
Does Cambodia have a ‘puppet king’?