Friday, 7 November 2014 was the last day of the lunar year Om Touk (Water Festival).

As the racers leisurely oared back to their riverside villages, and the spectators returned to their hometown to resume their regular life, Phnom Penh must now be very quiet pending the return of their inhabitants who escaped the crowded festival for other also-crowded places.

Meanwhile you can relax and serenely enjoy the “ambok srouv thméy” with the juice of young coconuts!

Thank you for the souvenir photos of the occasion.


Update: 10 November 2015

Heaven is going to be very displeased as the big nabob unilaterally decided to cancel the traditional Water Festival for 2015. For whatever reason he advanced for the cancellation, there is a hidden one that the entire population is aware of: his own perception of his popularity is afraid of being challenged by his unpopularity among the mass.

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