My dear Kacvey,

According to street talks, a giant snake is feeding itself in the heart of Phnom Penh with everything that is surrounding its cage. The snake has become so ferocious and hungry that it already started to gnaw not only dollars bills on the gambling tables but also the earth, the trees, the grass, the cement, the gate, the wall of a neighboring “Buddhism icon.”

You certainly recall that about 60 years ago, where the snake cage is right now was a swamp area created by the Bassac River. Indeed the swamp was full of fish, crocodiles, turtles and for sure …. snakes! The swamp covered up to the Monument of Independence, the whole areas in front of Wat Botum, the Psar Kab Kour as well as in front of Wat Svay Por Pé and Wat Keo. And what an adventure during the raining season when you had to negotiate the muddy and slippery narrow lane on its edge!

After the independence, the areas were dredged and all the “snakes” disappeared. Land occupation started thereafter, with a major public construction that Phnompenhois called “Expo Sangkum.” But somehow, one giant snake species succeeded to survive, may be through an intentional implant, and resurrect after 1993.

If you happened to be in Kampong Som, please spare some times to make inquiry with veterinarians at The Snake Farm whether there is an anti-obese diet pill locally available for snake!

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