My dear Kacvey

If the English version of the book “Song for an approaching storm – a fantasy” by Peter Froberg Idling was published before the July 2013 elections, Khmer voters who might have read it might also have had more food for thought before casting their votes. Well, regrets will not add any value to positive and forward thinking!

If you decided to pick up the book to satisfy your intellectual thirst, you certainly will find it truly interesting in so far as it concerned:

– a lady and two men,

– all of them are Khmer, with the same first name initial “S”,

– actions and intrigues that occurred during the elections in September 1955, and

– the role of a  fourth and very important person also with the initial “S”.

All are part of Cambodia contemporary history.

Enough revelations! Otherwise you will find it less captivating.



ISBN: 978-1-78227-0126

Publisher: Pushkin Press. London