My dear Kacvey,

It seems that some people got a flu on 22 July 2014, and even up to today they continue to have the cold, to cough and to be affected by a “pain in the nec.” No appropriate and efficient medicine happens to be found to get rid of that pain despite the many rounds of diagnostics made by some of the 123 elected doctors.

Even these doctors are now questioning whether the 22 July diagnostics were the correct one: some say the diagnostics stand as is, some others argue that they do not conform with the spirit of the patient. Go figure! “Maladie imaginaire” de Molière!

One thing appears to be clear to outsiders: the doctors are all charlatans attempting to treat the pain of the “nec” according to their own witchcraft textbooks and believing that the “nec” is theirs, and not of the patient.

The sickness has so far been so trivialized that the doctors assigned to handle it have lost the momentum to a point that they can’t even agree to pinpoint which one is the “9th” bone that is supposed to jointly articulate with the 8 others.

How about giving the “nec” a temporary nickname, such as: “no electoral commission”!

Later on, the 2 super-doctors held a symposium and decided that they would come up with a definite diagnostic that everybody would agree to by the end of February 2015. Meantime the “nec” is still suffering from the pain.

It seems also that these doctors are under the influence of ambition of multi-tasking; they have not even come up with the remedies for the “pain in the nec”, yet they are wasting their time to bargain for the expansion of the number of doctors in the on-and-off functioning hospital from 123 to 138 or 139.

As Publius Syrius long, long time ago said: “To do 2 things at once is to do neither.”