My dear Kacvey

The cacophony in Phnom Penh about Khmer Chéat Tè Muoy ខ្មែរជាតិតែមួយ (KCTM) and/or Khmer Chéat Pi Béy ខ្មែរជាតិពីរបី (KCPB) must be about to break your ear drum as it is so loud but unfortunately devoid of scrupulous knowledge or refined intellect. The bigger a drum is, the more hollow is its interior emptiness, and the louder is the sounds it produces.

There would not be easy answers to your question how the issue will play out. In fact, some angles of the issue had already been touched upon in previous posts, i.e. “Independent Cambodia”, “A Khmer American in Massachusetts” and “Pain in the “nec””.

Fractions and partisanship are formed along the line of real Khmerness of mono-nationality and foreign passport holders. Both sides seem to advance any pell-mell arguments and justifications that only serve their own immediate interests. Some even shamelessly used foreign countries examples to defend their undefendable point of view. The gibberish and horse trading will go on at the expense of the millions of Khmers who are constitutionally eligible to vote.

Quite a number of KCPB are holding high and very high positions and status in the leadership of Cambodia, and the outcome of the 28 July 2013 elections had seated a number of KCPB as deputies to the national assembly.

If they cannot come up with a solution that serves Cambodia in the long range, in a real and true democracy, the sovereign and independent people of Cambodia should be directly consulted in such a big issue like this one. A referendum at national level would allow the millions of Khmers to express their wish and to tell the country what type of leaders they want.

You, Kacvey, certainly recall, as a matter of a historical reminiscence, your time in Paris in the late 1960s when General De Gaulle decided to consult the French with a constitutional referendum on 27 April 1969! The French said “NO” to him and he resigned from the presidency and proudly left Rue Faubourg St. Honoré for Colombey-les-deux-Eglises. That’s courage in politics!

Respect of democracy in Cambodia is the duty of both KCTM and KCPB.



Kacvey, you certainly have a few KCPB among your acquaintances in Phnom Penh. Please share this link with them as it is about the Mayor of London who happens to hold dual citizenship (UK and US) and his fiscal situation with the US IRS.