My dear Kacvey,

Hope you did not burn your wallet at Psar Thméy!

On Friday 28 November 2014, while the world was going through a Black Friday shopping frenzy, the NA of Cambodia voted a US$3.8 billions budget for fiscal year 2015. One could reasonably wonder where Cambodia could gather that enormous mass of money to cover the state expenditures including those for the “ghosts workers”,  “the nephews” and “the commissions.” Does Cambodia now have oil wells? gold mines? Oh yes, we live off “foreign aids”!!!

Whereas the debate about the 2015 budget should  have been a biggest news of the day for the country, the focus was however switched to the side meeting between the 2 “bosses” with the view to iron out the muddy issue of the “nec” (see previous post: “Pain in the nec”) that has been lingering among the subordinates who could not understand what did the bosses really want since 22 July.

Well, Kacvey, nothing moves in Cambodia without the green light from the higher-up. “Srok Khmer” is not a Srok for Khmers, but rather “Srok agn!”

What was the big outcome then: setting a new deadline at end of February 2015! When was the previous deadline? Big deal!

A bigger outcome that pleased the media was the newly coined words, à l’Américaine: “Minority Leader”! “Equal in rank to the prime minister”!

What a vanity!

In Cambodia, life is imitation. Once, it was “Shadow Cabinet” à la Westminster, now “Minority Leader” à la US Congress. But someone seems to forget that the US President cannot enter the Congress chambers, except for addressing the State of the Union. Not in Cambodia!

Kacvey, if aping, aping well!

Another so-called big outcome was the issue of “KCTM” (see previous post “KCTM” vs. “KCPB”). Kacvey, would you think that France, Canada or USA will just easily suspend the citizenship for the multinationality-Khmers at the snap of the fingers of Khmer leaders? Ah, when ignorance colocates drollery!

Let’s close this note on human characters. Pascal left a legacy with these words: “Tous les hommes se haissent naturellement l’autre. On s’est servi comme on a pu de la concupiscence pour la faire servir au bien public. Mais ce n’est que feindre et une fausse image de la charité. Car au fond ce n’est que haine.” (Pensées, 243)


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