My dear Kacvey,

Did you have enough suits in your wardrobe for the protocol at Pochentong for the departures and returns of the Cambodian delegations to the “Summits” in China, Myanmar and Laos?

So many summits in one month and with superpowers: US, China, Russia … and so many galas, receptions, banquets …. and the silken dark purple jacket in Beijing!!! Ah! so much fun!

But, Kacvey, have you ever wondered:

– why the Cambodians have never heard the delegations uttering one word on those international podium or even seen a copy of the speech that Cambodia delivered at those meetings?

– what were Cambodia input/contributions in the negotiations in a myriad of issues towards the finalization of the draft of joint statements?

– would there had been any position papers submitted to the meetings and stating the positions of Cambodia in those issues? and

– why did the Cambodian press corps that accompanied the delegation keep so quiet on the above concerns?

If our ego was so high because we sat at the same conference table with Obama, Xi Jingping or Putin, what then Cambodia gets out of that? Goliath decides, David abides by?!

Epictetus once said that life is a theater. If so, life in the international arena is even a bigger theater. In a play, the cast has main actors and supernumeraries.

Kacvey, you are the judge!

Ooops! Forgot another “Summit”: “Cambodian Summit” on Friday 28/11 morning at the NA!

Well, better be a big fish in a small pond!

UPDATE: It looks like a promotion is on the way!

If this news is reliable

the Cambodian strongman will be in Davos, Switzerland, on 21 January 2015 for the World Economic Forum. What the representative of Cambodia with a load of Doctor honoris causa in his briefcase is going to talk about in front of the world economists, businessmen and financiers? Pressmen, please have your video recorder ready!

How about a wreath of flowers around the neck to make the scenery more exotic?!

Hope the translator/interpreter does know his profession regardless of what he will be saying!