My dear Kacvey

On this 1st day of December, you must be overwhelmed with the news in the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk of the Khmer Lands! Phnom Penh never sleeps, it seems!

Firstly,  there is this fisherman who wants to cast 5 nets at the same time for the next fishing season: 1 in Kg Speu, 1 in Takéo, 1 in Rattanakkiri, 1 in Mondolkiri, and 1 in Kg Cham. Even a plan for 25 local political nets is also in his mind. Is there enough body of water out there, one may jokingly ask?

Well, the fisherman must be an ardent disciple of Goethe who once said:  “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Otherwise, he would have not let the people know about his intention.

He must have thoroughly thought that is feasible because his confidence said so, and a plan must have already been devised in his operations center. Fine, an independent man is free to think and do what he thinks best. But Kacvey, as you know, there is a big distance to cover between thinking and doing. Then again, if he doesn’t do, he would never know whether or not the 5 nets would catch any fish at all. Courage and determination make a man, or a fisherman, but please, don’t turn yourself into a laughing-stock!

However, in such a tough political environment in the Khmer Lands, reasonable caution would bring more advantages in the long-term than emotional reasoning.

Unlike the turtles, the chickens or the ducks, an ostrich would “lay” one big egg at a time; once the egg hatched into a young ostrich in 2017, it can run very fast in every direction, including the above 5 provinces. It would be able to run so fast that no other runners could catch it, but bite the dust behind it.

Secondly …

(To be continued to “The fisherman – Part II)