My dear Kacvey,

Strange things happen in the Khmer Lands!

In many houses of parliament in the world, deputies/representatives/senators debate and argue day and night to pass the laws for the good of their country, present and future. Sometimes they shouted vociferously at each other, and even reached the stage of fist fight or throwing chairs or shoes at each other. Never have they threatened to quit their position/status to leave the houses of parliament during their statutory term, unless the parliament is dissolved for new elections or as a result of a military take-over. To be a representative and a lawmaker of the people is a noble achievement which bears heavy responsibility towards the electorate and the country.

But in Cambodia, politics sometimes resembles the “bai lok, bai lôr”, seriousness and responsibility are only words without deeds. What is the NA doing everyday is anybody’s guess or speculation. When the deputies talk about ghost workers in the administration, they fail to see themselves in the mirror of reality that they themselves do only ghost works! How many laws have they passed since the start of the 5th mandate? Kacvey, please use your left hand fingers to count instead of the abacus! France and the USA seem to be the frequent and favorite destinations of active Khmer deputies (KCPB!) to spend their time.

Very recently, the 1st vice president has threatened to leave the NA and return to the street. If the news reported in the media is true, this would be the best idiotic comedy ever written! Aristophanes or Plautus could not have been able to imagine a better plot.

Assuming (Ooops! never “assume” anything!) that he and his parliamentary group shed their deputies suits and the glory of power for the streets near Phnom Daun Penh to relive  the after-23-July-2013-scenario, the more than 2 millions Khmers who elected them should have the right to demand the answers to these questions:

– What have you done with our votes for Cambodia since 22 July 2014, besides talking and maneuvering about your glory, prestige and personal interests in the NA?

– How many times have your 55 fellows been to the provinces to meet and discuss real issues with the constituency?

– How often have you been to France and USA for your personal /private business?

– What type of new agendas have you concretely proposed for the future development of the country? and

– What has happened now with the militancy attitude that you displayed with the textiles workers in January 2014?

In the corridor of the NA, lo and behold! they have already started to think about switching deputies from one province to another like game of reshuffling parliamentary seats, instead of cards. Hello, NEC! Are you there?

Power is like liquors; once you have a taste of it, you can get drowned in the barrel!