My dear Kacvey,

Ah! at last there is something positive in the Western media about Cambodia!

Smithsonian just published an article stating that the ancient Khmers invented the numeral “Zero”. We leave it to the Khmer and foreign historians and archeologists to debate among themselves, but Kacvey, we are proud of what ancient Khmers had contributed to mathematics and sciences, particularly in the binary system. What would the world be today without the “zero” invented by ancient Khmers?

You would say, humanity would find another way or solution. Granted!

Meanwhile, thank you, Mr. Amir Aczel, for your research!

Here is the link to the Smithsonian:

Kacvey, now that ancient Khmers had left so much legacies (Bayon, Angkor, Banteay Srey, Baray and so on) to us of present day, what have the post-angkorian and particularly the 20th-century Khmers have had invented and will have left for future generations?

One dark legacy will stand out: The Khmers Rouges had invented “Year zero.”

“Année zéro” disent les Khmers expatriés francophones.