… occupied in 2013 the 160th position, 177th being the worst of the lot. There is however a slight improvement in 2014: 156 out of 175!

To this report “the nephews” would react and say: “Who cares! Who is this TI? This is Srok Khmer! Srok Khmer, anh theu éy srach téang chet! âtt cheu kbaal ah na té!” Let them be such!

The culture and mentality of denial and rejecting constructive critics are perennially ingrained in their mind that they could see nothing that does not please their eyes. They even deny their own history of belonging to the KR and their involvement in the genocide and destruction of Cambodia. The immense wealth that they have been amassing by selling out Cambodia natural resources to foreign interests has been hypocritically used to show the world stage that they have been successfully transforming a devastated country to become a country as it is today. But the display of such wealth by the powerful and the urban elites cannot sweep under the rugs the daily demonstrations of discontented and dispossessed people at the other end of economic prosperity.

Lord Acton’s prophecy that “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” finds its confirmation in today’s Cambodia.

Corruption is like a squid, a calamari, or an octopus; their many tentacles can reach everywhere or every corner of the society at any time they want. A case in point, nowadays, Kacvey, the local press has been abuzz about the war between the “okgnas”; the assassination of one okgna in broad daylight by the thugs hired by another, made the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk like once-upon-a-time Chicago, the waterfront of New York City or even Sicily. On top of that and according to the press, one okgna is the Deputy-Chef-de-Cabinet of the Defense Ministry! What on earth is this? A Deputy-Chef-de-Cabinet of the Defense Ministry is a tycoon, involved in an assassination, has been in hiding with the help of his family, and the police cannot find him!!!

Where is the official reaction of the Defense Ministry? or the official for whom this okgna performs his function as Deputy-Chef-de-Cabinet, or the official whom he is reporting to? Where is the responsibility and the accountability?

But, Kacvey my dear, just take a minute to imagine or to fantasy that if the same and whole enchilada happened in London/UK, Paris/France (wherefrom a few Khmer parliamentarians hold citizenship) or Washington/USA (wherefrom also a few Khmer parliamentarians hold citizenship) which has so much inspired Khmer politicians as to even adopt the term “minority leader”, what political scandal could bust in those places, and how many heads would immediately fall? The whole world would have its ears stuck to CNN or CNBC.

Well, not in Cambodia. Someone had said: “This is my house.”

If this is not nepotism, what else is?

(To be continued to “The nephews – Part IV)