My dear Kacvey

In the land North of the Tonlé Sap, lives a couple of giants whose matrimony was concocted for reason of convenience and clan interests. They occupy the entire land, forest, basin and river that, once upon a time and long, long ago, was a capital city of a glorious and enormous empire ruled for hundreds of years by virtuous and powerful dynasties and kings. Throughout the times of their reign, they built temples, monuments and infrastructures with names such as, just to mention a few, Angkor, Bayon, Bak Khèng, Bakséy ChamKrong, Néak Poarn, Bantéay Sréy, Srass Srâng, Barai …. all of them could be shamelessly put on the same pedestal as other world monuments and wonders such as the Great Wall, the Sphinx, Babylon, Syracuse amphitheater, the Forum, Parthenon etc …

His name is Ah-Sora, and it was so given because of his love for spirits. His mate, the giantess, is known as Eskimo X, because, on the one hand, of her insatiability for ice cream, and on the other she got the inspiration from ancient powerful Khmer kings whose name had a roman numeral at the end: Yaçorvarman III, Jayavarman II, Soryavarman VII … she likes “X” as she was the 10th-born. She is the head of the household as Ah-Sora is too weak of character and morals, and she knows how to control and to let other to submit to her avidity.

The couple has been married for about 20 years and their appetite and voracity for wealth have no limit in the 4 seasons of the year. With the blessing of a lord giant, the couple controls the entire business of tourism of the area where foreign tourists, individuals or groups, have to pay a fee in US dollars to visit various sites in the park of monuments.

Kacvey, with an average of about a million of tourists per year and for about 20 years, please do the calculation for yourself!

The couple is supposed to remit a portion of the revenue to the state, but nobody ever knows what is going on as:

– no marriage certificate of the 2 giants was ever made public,

– no agreement between the couple and the state has ever been published,

– no financial statement has ever been produced by the couple,

– nobody oversees their activity, and nobody dare asking any question, and

– nobody in the state is aware of anything that is going on, except the lord giant.

It is a state within a state.

The management of tourists in the park is visible but the management of the income is invisible. Another hidden arrangement is for groups who fly in from neighboring countries and the visit fees were already collected by foreign tours organizers; how, when, where and how much those fees are transferred/remitted to the couple is anybody’s guess.

Things have been so smooth and so comfortable for so long and the amassed fortune has reached an unimaginable height that could dwarf Phnom Koulén, when suddenly …

(To be continued to “A contemporary fantasy legend – Part II)