My dear Kacvey,

Guess you wouldn’t have forgotten the posts “Independent Cambodia” of 8 November and “KCTM vs. KCPB” on 21 November!

If you forgot, you may wish to go back and check them out, because on Tuesday 16 December, a lot of stuff happened in the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk and reported in the local media. KCTM and KCPB are back in the news and names and official functions/titles were even uttered out publicly by top official of the administration. Of notable KCPB personalities who were outed are minister of Justice, minister of Women’s Affairs, minister in-charge of Border Affairs, and a prominent parliamentarian and theorist of the ruling party! The doors of the closet are wide open and the key is forever thrown into the sticky mud at the bottom of the confluent Tonlé Buon Mouk!

Let them mull over the issues as they please because the issues deal with their personal issues and interests and have nothing to do with Cambodia as a country with millions and millions of actual, competent and clean KCTMs. They use the cover of “serving Cambodia” as a pretext to hide their hypocrisy and to deceive other KCTMs.

Kacvey, you who had lived in “La Vile Lumière” for quite a long time, you should by now have met those KCPBs, on both side of the political divide, at every corner of Psar O’Russey or Psar Olympic.

When they were young, they dreamed of coming to Paris to study and later to start a brilliant career like the “barang.” And also with a French wife! Carte d’identité nationale de la République française and French passport are licence for saying to whom who would listen “anh chiéat barang” or  a “banana”. And rooting for “le Coq tricolore!” At the end, their dream came true! Pride bestowed! Self-admiration fulfilled! What a miracle!

Doctors, bankers, engineers, lawyers, managers, economists, financiers, professors, singers, waiters, musicians, taxi drivers, idlers, unemployed, parasites … all walk of life, they represent. But life in the Western world is not always simple and carefree; nothing is given for free: winter, métro/boulot/dodo, 9-to-5, lay off, social security, CDI/CDD, income tax, loan/debt/credit card, lawsuit … in other words, one has to earn his/her living and organize his budget/spending. Live is good, but to earn a good or decent living is a non-stop hard work for 11 months per year … except August. And the most crucial crux in working in the Western world is the notion of responsibility and accountability that falls upon everybody at every level. If one doesn’t have it, or doesn’t exercise it properly, one is out, out, and out! And straight to “pôle emploi.”

How many of the above KCPBs jumped on UNTAC bandwagon to become “neo-patriots srâlanh chiéat?” How many broken families they created and left in France?

Post-UNTAC era was a time when opportunism emerged for those who decided to drop everything in France and to join a political party in Cambodia. Opportunists are clever and their slogan of “chuoy chiéat” became their mantra. Ask the same question of “chuoy chiéat” to 100 KCPBs, and you get 101 different answers. Opportunists shed off their self-esteem to become yes-men who fitted in perfectly into an autocratic framework. Ministerial portfolios, Generals, Advisers, èk Odom, Okgna – whether or not they have qualifications or credentials, who cares!- Welcome aboard!

Farewell responsibility and accountability so dear to the Western world! Adios amigos!

Hello Cambodia, the paradise of irresponsibility and un-accountability! and How to Make Tons of unearned Money Without Really Trying!

Life’s trajectory “Cambodia/France/Cambodia” perhaps resembles karma or divine intervention at work.

Twenty-one years after UNTAC, nothing has changed, if not getting worst; before, KCPB was a non-issue or a hidden issue swept under the rug and waiting to explode; nowadays, the issue is wide open and multiplied by the number of parties with seats at the National Assembly!

Opportunists breed new opportunists, and once an opportunist, always an opportunist.

KCTMs of Cambodia, beware of opportunists!


Post-scriptum: Kacvey, if you hear a KCPB telling you that he/she will surrender or give up his/her French citizenship, please tell that glib self-serving talk to perform his/her con-artistry somewhere else.