… about 300 miles to the South, in the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk where the lord giant has its headquarters.

The lord giant has ruled the entire land for about 40 years and is known as Moha Préy Sènsoc or if you will, “The Great Peaceful Forrest”, or if you still will “巨大安森“. Second hand legend suggests that Ah-Sora and Eskimo X never meet the lord giant in public, but whatever they decide and do never irks the lord giant.

Things are carrying along happily, and the company of giants gets more prosperous year after year. Then came 22 July 2014 when 55 aliens, armed with 2 weapons called “democracy” and “antisipipi”, arrived in the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk with a self-defined mission to “rescue” the land. Nobody knows for sure from what calamity they plan to rescue but all impressions that the villagers make out of the rescue plan is that so far the “rescuers” are being rescued by the lord giant from being drowned  in the confluent of Tonlé Buon Mouk for prestigious positions such as “minority leader”, “1st vice-president”, “chairmen of commissions” with ranks and glory equivalent to ministers or higher!

No more talks and walks in Tiléan Prâchéathippatay, but luxurious cars and dapper suits. What protests are you talking about?

Ah, when the rescuers are rescued! Marivaux or Goldoni could not have written a better comic plot than that!

Having been just rescued, a daredevil alien – BTW and incidentally, a KCPB – wanted to know how did Ah-Sora and Eskimo X run the park of monuments up North, how much was the amount of revenues, how the collected money was managed, how much did the state get, and where was all the MONEY?? He even wanted to fire Ah-Sora and Exkimo X, and have them replaced by a civil servant called “Téssachôr”. The latter, as soon as he heard the news, went berserk and screamed out loud that he had nothing to do with the giants and he will not have the capacity nor the competence to replace what the giants have done. “Please leave me alone and out of this”, pleaded he.

Ah-Sora and Eskimo X took the news very calmly and sought advice from Moha Préy Sènsoc who serenely instructed them to continue to do business as if nothing has ever happened.

The usually drunk and weak Ah-Sora gets very upset as his soft spot of incompetence has been identified by the daredevil alien; he subtly told whoever wants to hear that he might divorce Eskimo X and get ravished with a new mate from beyond the Eastern border.

Meanwhile, the daredevil alien prepares his plan for the showdown with Ah-Sora and Eskimo X.

(To be continued to “A contemporary fantasy legend – Part III”)