My dear Kacvey,

How is it that the minority leader has been once again outwitted by the big nabob?

Even though he is in Davos having business luncheon and visiting Switzerland, his mind and eye are always in the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk.

A minority leader without a majority leader to counterbalance is a valueless notion, even if it is copied from Uncle Sam’s formula. This leaves the big nabob above the minority leader as this latter continues to dispiritedly claim that his partner in the “culture of dialogue” is the former who decidedly and flagrantly shows who is the boss and superior to both the majority and minority leaders!

“I’m not your equal, and don’t play chess with me if you don’t know the game!” the big nabob would say.

So, Kacvey, should we now write Majority leader with a capital “M”, and minority leader with low-key “m”?!

In political circle, decorum counts.

That what actually happened on 29 January at 9.00 am at the NA. “M” met “m” for 40 minutes because the big nabob so decided as a face-saving manoeuvre for the culture of dialogue. What came out of that meeting? A round omelet with 2 eggs!