My dear Kacvey,

The 2015 WEF in Davos has closed its session on 24 January, and every participant must be by now returning home, including the Cambodian delegation headed by the prime minister.

Since this is a prestigious forum where world politicians meet world investors and financiers to discuss future world economic trends, orientation and perspectives, there is no better platform than this for each country and each leader/participant to present his best idea, perception and vision.

Chinese people has been fully informed on how their prime minister Li Keqiang on 21 January 2015, in Davos, presented China’s vision to the world. So doing, prime minister Li Keqiang openly allows Chinese citizens of all walks of life to know the policy of his government and what direction he is leading China to. To govern is to share.

This is the link on Li Keqiang’s speech:

Kacvey, my question to you is: Did Cambodia speak as responsible country among responsible governments at WEF? If so, would Cambodians have the same luck as the Chinese people? By the way, in case of benightedness, the forum to speak about left side or right side driving would be “AAA”, and not WEF.