My dear Kacvey,

So the daredevil alien began his crusade with his naivety on glory with photo-ops with the press and telling the public what he’s going to do. In other words, he disguisedly sends in advance a friendly warning message to Ah-Sora and Eskimo X; it’s like the police telling the public that on such and such dates and times, it will go to make a raid on such and such opium or gambling dens.

It is called robber and police alliance.

Meanwhile, Ah-Sora is falling into such a deep sleep after consuming so much brewed dollars, that topless foreigners and their cameramen freely roamed around Préah Khan and Bantéay Kdéy blaspheming what Cambodians consider as places of respect and pride for their race and history.  Their half-nude photos with Préah Khan and Bantéay Khdéy backgrounds are on digital display worldwide.

Kacvey, when Khmer does not respect and protect Khmer culture, Khmerness is murdered, and scavengers are ready to devour the corpses.

(To be continued to “A contemporary fantasy legend – Part IV”)