My dear Kacvey,

Today, the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk must be abuzz with the word “congress” – especially “the 37th” which incidentally coincides with 30th year of the premiership of the big nabob – that certainly can’t escape your ears!

Oxford Dictionary defines “congress” as: “coming together, meeting; formal meeting of delegates for discussion, esp. of persons belonging to a particular body or engaged in special studies.”

You may recall, once upon a time before 1970 under the “Sangkum”, annual 3-day “samaach chéat” or “congrès populaire” in Véal Mén was presided by now-defunct Samdach Euv and his “discours fleuve”. Some members of the current national leadership and one of the main accused in the ECCC must also remember those political shows, as they were sitting right behind Samdach Euv in the official tribune right across the street from the Northern gate of the Royal Palace.

On the world arena, the word “congress” has so many connotations:

– some ring like: Congress of the Communist Party of the ex-USSR, China, ex-East Germany, ex-Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Vietnam, Poland, Cuba, Albania, and also France – Cambodgiens, anciens membres du PCF, souvenez-vous de Georges Marchais et de ses “Congrès du Parti Communiste Français” à la Mutualité, et “L’Humanité”?!

– some others ring like: Congress Party of India, the US Congress…

Well, Kacvey, political party has all the rights to do and to organize what they see fit to retain power, even at the expense of the democracy, the rights of the citizens and the lands and natural resources of the country. No matter how strong a party feels or is, it always belongs to a wheel of social consciousness that in a timeless manner keeps on turning; a party is part of the country, but to believe that the country is the party is a dangerous delusion.

The annals of the the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk will record for posterity Friday 30 January 2015 as the day of the “Cult of a Personified Personality.”