My dear Kacvey,

The amount of crocodile tears that have been shed during the weekend at the congress in Koh Pich could by now have made the Mekong/Bassac river overflowed in this cool monsoon!

The word in fashion is “self-criticism”! Is it a revived nostalgia of the Chinese Cultural Revolution? or is it merely crocodile tears to placate those who have enough of the political hypocrisy?

If one has to view what has been reported in the local press of the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk with a reasonable level of accuracy, a 26-page “classified” report disseminated behind closed-door to selected congress participants and party officials ventured to expose a kind of reckoning and self-criticism of the conduct of the party that was led to a critical loss of seats at the 28 July 2013 elections. It seems that the report listed a few reasons for this beating, chief among them would be:

– the “government” failed to implement the “policy of the party” (Kacvey, please carefully note that the inverted commas are inserted by the editor)

– corruption and nepotism by officials;

– abuse of power by officials;

– mistrust of the justice system;

– non-respect of laws;

– increase social inequality;

– misuse of public lands and resources; and

– the country has lost all trust in the leadership!!!

If the above is true and sincere, where have they been since the beginning of the 21st century? Is blindness the cause? Is deafness the cause? or has the power blinded and deafened the reason and intelligence?

The whole world and all CAMBODIANS know about this, talk about this, write about this and take to the streets and demonstrate against this; some go to jail because of their opposition to all of this, many lost their land and home because of all of this and will never see them again, and many die in the streets because the powerful use the guns against non-violence.

It is hard for congress non-participants to acquiesce to the written words of this so-called self-criticism which do not bear the virtuous sign of truth and genuineness, as 30-year of premiership speak for itself which is everything that is the reason for the same so-called self-criticism.

Crocodile tears are here to lure the victims, past, present and future. Kacvey, beware!

Insincerity, hypocrisy and autocracy deserve no mercy.