My dear Kacvey,

In medicine, blood transfusions in human bodies are used for various medical conditions to replace lost components of the blood.

But lately, in the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk, stories of “New Blood” that came out of the congress in Koh Pich were not only the headlines of newspapers and TV programs, but also attracted comments from some frustrated or desperate protagonists of various political formations vying for power and public attention.

If the limited information that was intentionally leaked out of Koh Pich is not corrupted as the set-up itself, the central committee has been injected with “new blood” from 306 fresh donors, whereas the standing committee is still standing on its own 2 legs as it has so far been with the same and old blood. Simultaneously but ironically, 3 “old-blood” spinmeisters of dubitable and untrustworthy credentials have also been enjoined to challenge the loud and increased critics from all corners.

The 306 donors of “new blood” could be classified into a few categories but the main ones are:

(a) the generals of the army and police whose stars on their shoulders keep the tailors around Psar Thméy as busy as possible, whose wealth come from the illegal logging, the land grabbing, the illegal trade and bribery, and whose real knowledge of all military and police matters is dubious, doubtful, unschooled and untested; and

(b) the off-springs of the arrivistes, the political and self-proclaimed elites including those of the standing committee, and the (a) above.

Kacvey, how do you gauge the quality of the “new blood”:

– if it comes from a sick and unclean body and bloodstream?

– if the environment where it generates is corrupted to the marrow?

And how do you ensure that the transfused blood would improve the medical condition of the sick body:

– if the newly transfused blood does not contain any assured quality to replace the components that are deficient? and

– if the old blood remain strongly resistant to any weak and obedient input?

By the way, in Bram Stoker’s mind, Dracula needs blood!

Meanwhile, feared of being once again outmaneuvered and outdone, the minority leader played musical chairs hoping that the tune, notwithstanding discordant and inharmonious, would attract some public attention. In the absence of “new blood”, he leisurely and without convincing essence and significance shuffled some of his “old blood” occupying the posts of provincial party leaders from one place to another.  But would they know that if they wanted to improve their influence and actions, they would have to improve first their own heart, head and hands, wouldn’t they?