My dear Kacvey,

Aeschylus once said: “It is not the oath that makes us believe the man, but the man the oath.”

You may be wondering what is all this about? Well, if we may, this is just the continuation of an earlier post dated 19 November 2014 titled: “Pain in the nec” that you have to refresh your memory with in order to follow what ensues.

After 22 July 2014, when all the dust is settled, the 123 people who crowd the national assembly talked big about the negotiations/dialogues/drafting of new laws to reform the “nec” and the fate of its 9th member. They set up biparty commissions and working groups to work on it; they paraded themselves in front of television cameras promising holy waters from heaven for a new set of laws. 31 December 2014 was their first deadline. That date came and went. They set a new deadline: End of February 2015.

Well, with the way they are dragging their feet and pulling the blankets to themselves, all bets that a set of new laws will be ready by end of February 2015 are off. The ladder is not tall and high enough for them to reach heaven for the promised holy waters. They will not have any other alternatives but to reset a new deadline again, and perhaps again and again, and again ….

It is an easy exercise for them because they are not accountable to anybody, including themselves; they fool Cambodians who voted for them, and they not only fool themselves but also make a fool out of themselves; they do not work for Cambodians who voted for them, they work for themselves and their party; they show no interests in bringing Cambodians towards democratic progress, they only prepare themselves to retain powers or to take powers; they set up a scheme to perpetuate their position in the leadership of Cambodia and to eternalize their wishful thinking that they are made out of Angkor Wat’s stones.

Meanwhile, while the “nec” is still in pain and the people who are supposed to cure it are just pure pain in the neck for Cambodia, they divert themselves to divert the public attention on issues that they will never, ever come to actually tackle such as to regulate rents on private houses and properties, including hundred thousands of those owned by themselves and their relatives. What an immature, untrustworthy and shallow attitude!

Kacvey, if by any chance you run into a member of the commission/working group which purpose is to reform the “nec” – a member who is KCPB/French – it would be interesting to ask whether that person is familiar with a phrase coined by Napoléon Bonaparte: “The best way to keep one’s word is not to give it” or “le meilleur moyen de tenir sa parole est de ne jamais la donner.”

As a proverb goes: “When a man repeats a promise again and again, he means to fail you.” After all, who takes Cambodians for a ride?

UPDATE – As of Sunday 28 February 2015 COB, nothing is done! They should reform themselves first before reforming the “nec”. What an ugly and irresponsible reality!