My dear Kacvey,

So, the “ad interim” is confirmed within his own party. Another line to be added in the CV – big deal!

But what does that mean to Cambodia and Cambodians at large? For 30 years, Cambodians have seen it all. Nothing to clamor about. Inconsequential. What’s the difference?!

But let us turn the mirror around, and see what is hidden there? The seat of the president of the senate … which happens to play a very important role when the king is out of the country. The “ad interim” will never promote or allow the senate 1st or 2nd vice-president to that position, because he also nurtures it as a stepping stone to higher ambition. Is he a swollen ambition, isn’t he?!

Ambition knows no limit; it doesn’t end either, because the incentive to ambition is the endless love of power.

But ambition also creates dilemma, desirable or otherwise:

– prime minister or president of the senate?

– prime minister and president of the senate:  2 in 1?

Would he ask himself: Can I wear 2 hats at the same time? Yes, I can, he would reply to himself; Cambodia is me; I am Cambodia and I can do whatever I want; nobody can stop me from doing what I want to do; I rule.

Well, he may be right in his own mind, but things that move change and will change like everything that moves on this planet, except only 2 things: day and night.

Kacvey, just a short digression, with apologies though: In a circus tent, clown would wear 2 hats because it looks funny and stupid! Man laughs at other man’s stupidity, but doesn’t do it at his own.

Do you recall the position and role of the Chef de l’Etat during the Sangkum era, although the throne was fully occupied?

Someone might have learned Cambodian history lesson 101 very well.

Like in a chess game, when a pawn is moved, it leaves an empty square that could well instigate the hidden ambition of both the Majority leader and the minority leader. Time will not exclude a ferocious rivalry between them followed by unmerciful political contest and blow.

No matter how the turn of events will be, just bear in mind these few words from Bryant H. McGill, an American author: “Do not let your ambitions become a sanctuary for your failures.”

UPDATE on Monday 8 June 2015: