My dear Kacvey,

On Monday 9 March, you must have been at the national seminar watching the cart pulling the disoriented horse towards the Tonlé Buon Mouk, mustn’t you?! Is this the new order of doing things in Cambodia?

What a spectacle full of pompous self-justifications, self-righteousness and contemptuous verbal rudeness, cheap shots and disdainfulness towards those who were present and those millions Cambodians who have better things to do than to listen to this superciliousness, impertinence and discourtesy!

When the opposition joined the ruling to create a scheme to perpetuate their grip on power, the autocracy has obviously become bicephalous. This is how the autocracy pyramid now looks like: the big nabob dictates his unlimited rule, the Majority and minority leaders pass the orders to their subordinates who draw the draft laws to ensure the unlimited rule of the big nabob in the years to come, possibly until he reaches 90 years of age. Then the subordinates create a semblance of democratic show by calling a national seminar to teach the public about their future plan to hang on to power. Later they submit the draft laws to a so-called commission for approval before it is voted by the full session of the national assembly. It is a thriller that  is so badly written that even a person with the lowest IQ could predict the final outcome.

Democracy in nowadays’ Cambodia is in the hands  of 123 people planning to collectively and shamelessly rule the country according to their own will and opportunism, regardless of the public concern, outcry and criticism. These 123 are so full of themselves that they bypass any public consultation or hearing or town house discussions before they draft any laws. In other words, conditioned by ambition and power narcosis, they drafted the laws for their own good, and not for the good of the people they govern or the country they rule. Amen!

Kacvey, since nobody listens to you, you have no other choice but to let them enjoy themselves until the elections in 2017 and 2018, which will put their laws into a real test that will see the whole scheme collapsing by itself as neither of the 2-winners-of-today will accept the defeat of tomorrow. There can’t and won’t be 2 winners, and the big nabob will ensure he would not be the loser: simple math, and only fools can’t solve it. The wheel of karma will surely start to turn again in a similar manner (or worst) as the post-July 2013 period.

Then, as Victor Hugo once said, “the ox suffers, the cart complains!”

But Kacvey, would you pity or feel some sympathy for the poor “9th person” in the “nec?” Alone and being the cord of the game of tug of war? It is so unfair to the “9th person” because no matter what happens she/he will always be in a lose-lose situation; the loser will put the blame on her/him, the winner will not come to her/his rescue. Her/his arms and legs will be pulled left and right until they will be completely severed from the body. Because the elections schemes are constructed on faulty design,  – the pain is persistent in the “nec” –  the “9th person” will inevitably be the person at fault, the 8 others being the stooges of the their party will fly free.

“9th person” of Cambodia, please do not think that your “snê ha chéat” is less or more than the next person’s. If you do so, you would commit the most fundamental intellectual sin that no confession booth would ever be able to cleanse it.

“9th person” of Cambodia, beware of your fate, and do not confuse the political interests of the 2 parties with the national interests of Cambodia! Please do not be alone in the tug of war game. Ask for a “10th” AND an”11th” independent persons to join you. Nobody will ever consider you a hero! And you ain’t Hercules!