My dear Kacvey,

You certainly have seen the altar that was set up in California to greet Goddess Veritas to witness and to hear the half-truth by the 1st Vice.

Lucky are the Cambodian-Americans in California who did not cast the ballot in July 2013 for him but who are privileged for the revelation. Unlucky are the authentic Khmer in Kampong Cham who did cast their vote for his party but are relegated to non-existing shadow and inconsiderate importance. Ah, the power of the ballots in Kampong Cham is annihilated by the power of the green bucks in California. Kacvey, this is lesson 101 in comparative studies of democracy by rights and democracy by money.

So, the 1st Vice, chubbier than before and gray hair darkened, had decided to come to California to open his heart and to melt his 7-month-hibernated bitter pill. Many of the sentences that he delivered began by “khgnom” or “I”, such as:

– I was opposed to the results of the negotiations with the ruling party;

– I was not happy with them;

– I was not happy with the results of the negotiation;

– I knew in advance that when we joined the National Assembly;

– I agreed to be patient to continue this merger, etc …

Although Cambodian-Americans quietly listened to him, with scattered and unenthusiastic sounds of clapping hands, they did not have the privilege to hear what “I” has done for the country since becoming the 1st Vice of the NA; what “I” has done for the people of Kampong Cham that “I” represents? what “I”, as an elected lawmaker, has done on legislative parts on national issues such as, just to name a few, corruption, land grabbing, education, deforestation, garments labor, social concerns, shenanigans justice, immigration, or Preah Vihear? how many draft laws has “I” sponsored? what “I” has done to ensure that the executive branch is doing the job? what has “I” done even to help cleaning the deep and rotten corruption at and inside the NA itself? what does “I” have to show to Cambodians what “I” has done and delivered to them as a responsible deputy? Kacvey, do you have anything more to add to the “I”-do-not-do list?! Imagine with such a negative balance sheet, what would “I” be in the private sector?

Why didn’t “I” elaborate on what “I” got in exchange of unhappiness and reservation nurtured before 22 July? A cushy position as 1st Vice of NA, 2 dozens of advisers, official perks, police protection, power and personal glory … All of that for having done nothing!

On the contrary, it looks like “I” is cashing in on the draft electoral laws where “my” thumbprint and footprint are nowhere to be seen, nor would “I” be at the NA during the final vote to adopt it as laws.

Kacvey, stay tuned to hear what else would “I” be saying – or would “I” not – in the next few days in different US cities in front of “my” own supporters … in exchange of almses!

As Buddha said: “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” Would Buddhist Cambodians adhere to this precept?