My dear Kacvey,

You should now pull out the 1977 “Star Wars” DVD – as the French says: “La Guerre des Etoiles” – from the shelf, dust it off and play it to refresh your memory on Darth Wader, Hans Solo, Jedi, R2D2 etc … as between the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk and California, the “Words Wars” have intensely taken place on air between the 2 “Stars” of the 2 parties.

The opposition star confessed and admitted his failure to “change” while the “filming” took place on and around Freedom Square after July 2013 until early January 2014; the ruling star argued that the opposition star wanted to “topple” him and his government. Ah, the subtleties of Shakespeare’s language: “to change” or “to topple”; that is the question!

Well, Kacvey, the stars being the Stars, let them fight themselves off because the fundamental core of the issue is and will always be their fight for their own and personal ambition and power, and nothing for Cambodia, nothing for Cambodians. Premiership, is what the fight is all about. The beef is all for them!

A Swahili proverb goes like this: “When two bulls fight (over a female or a leadership), the grass gets hurt.”

So, you now know that at the next elections, because of the powerlessness of citizenry in the midst of real larger forces (police, military, colored shackles/handcuffs…), please vote your conscience and not because of the multitude, and do not let yourself be fooled or exploited by whoever whose name or party is printed on the ballot.

Speaking about next elections, the news was that the draft laws were already and unanimously adopted by the the NA – they rushed to organize the flash vote without a single word of debate in order not to miss the flight for France! – with 103 Ayes, and 0 Nay. Is democracy-à-la-cambodgienne a surprise? Do you see stars in the daylight?

But why only 103? Where were the other 20? Okay, the 1st Vice is in California, but the other 19?

Well, Kacvey, since you most of the time think outside the box, it might well be that the 20 would cunningly be looking for a personal alibi, to be used in posterity for whatever motive, reason and circumstance, that “I did not vote for those laws!”

To be continued in “War of Words – Part II”