My dear Kacvey,

Now that the laws on future elections have, like a lightning, passed the NA and the senate rapidly, unanimously and without a single second of debates, you might be wondering what the lawmakers would then be doing?

Is the door of the NA now closed for lack of business? Is the NA’s main chamber becoming a deadly and ghostly silent cavern of emptiness, except the furniture and the lights fixtures?

Has Cambodia become a Shangri-la land that it doesn’t require its lawmakers to work full times anymore? Is this now the way that the lawmakers set the examples of hard work and diligence for their constituency to follow, when the same constituency works day and night to earn a living, and sometimes with 2 or 3 jobs?

Are the lawmakers elected to only focus for their next elections?

Tell us what you don’t do, we’ll tell you who you are!

Since a number of lawmakers are now either in the US or in France – Ah! spring in the Western hemisphere with may be a little detour to a casino! – you may wish to invite them to read these 2 articles from an East Coast newspaper, The New York Times. Although the US Congress has not received high marks from the American public, it is what they do as responsible lawmakers for their country that matters, whether one likes it or not.

Except for those who are also holding cabinet positions, it is hard for sane mind to fathom that lawmakers have so little to do as elected officials. Do Cambodians elect their deputy to work less than and not as hard as themselves? Do and will they still possess such a high tolerance for this type of worthlessness and hollowness?

Kacvey, would you see the difference? Yes, you certainly would and you also see that’s why they like to have a seat in the NA: How to enjoy power and glory without doing anything!