My dear Kacvey,

So, you are considering the application form for the nec job. Paper or e-file?

To apply or not to apply, that is the question.

You are free and independent. Knowing you, it seems that you almost fulfill all the required conditions and qualifications: race, mono-nationality, social status, academics, career/profession, religion, matrimony (or extra!), health, villa, Lexus, overseas bank account and dark suits.

But, in the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk, the rules of the game are not the value and the power of the rules. Men make rules, and sit on them. Men rule the rules. As a result of this rule, you have ZERO chance of being “recruited”, because you are short of 2 unpublished benchmarks:

– you are not corrupted, and

– the game has already been “fixed.”

You may ask why then making such a big hullabaloo all over the town about that? Well, the answer is simple: a farce is disguised as democracy. If you still feel like you need first to buy a lottery ticket in order to hope to win the jackpot, suit yourself! But before filling the application form, here are 3 contexts to carefully think about:

1. The ruling party, being very centralized, disciplinary and hierarchical among their members, their 4 candidates might have already been short-listed in the back room of the party headquarters. Only fools think otherwise.

2. The 3 “rescuers” to be recruited (1 was already and long ago named) might have also been already short-listed by the 55+. Only fools can be fooled.

3. The “9th” was approved long ago by the ruling and the opposition as part of their horse trading business before the laws were even drafted and later adopted. Then they made the laws to exclude by disqualification the “9th” that they agreed upon. Later they openly say that they still support the same “9th”. Approve, then disapprove, then approve again! “By lok, by lâr,” it is!

So, where does it leave you? Dream is free until around end of 1st week of April!

Kacvey, you certainly remember the Khmer folk tale about “A Chhéy”, and especially the anecdote when he was watching the parade/procession from the window of his hut. How beautiful his “face was made-up”! It now looks like “A Chhéy” is watching them getting caught in a whirlwind of quicksands of their own making!

The gamut of the exercise is nothing else than a show-off to the public that “cod” is not a fish but a culture of deceit that has started since 22 July 2014. They are adopting the Las Vegas Magic Show style, or Houdini’s tricks to mirror fake as a pretense of reality. At least, in Las vegas you can appreciate the show with such exclamations as “Amazing!” or “Wow! That’s incredible!”

Their train is rolling, whether you like or not. But if one person, at a time, refuses to buy a ticket to board that train and finds a better means of transportation, sooner or later the company that runs the train will file for bankruptcy. Time has the uncontested power to put an end to everything.

If however, you aimed for a possible “9th” position, please reread “To put the cart before the horse” again. And if by miracle, like the French said, you have “une chance de cocu”, please make sure that you bring along to the nec headquarters a cross and a lot of nails, because as soon as the newly reformed nec starts to open for business, they will “hang” you out to dry, then put you on the cross and nail you hard in your neck. Nobody, repeat: Nobody, can save you.

Please beware of Judas kiss.