My dear Kacvey,

Hope you had a great time during the Chaul Chnam festivities, had the chance to be given a spoonful of the Guinness-World-Record “noum ansâm” (chrouk or chék?), and the aftermath still remains as exciting as the beginning, because elsewhere the decorative balloons that were inflated with helium of promises and expectations are now either punctured or deflated.

So, when the Tevoda of the Year of the Goat was about to arrive in the heaven above the Lands of the Khmer, the Majority and the minority doctors agreed to make a big injection of cortisone to relieve the pain in the nec until the elections of 2017 and 2018. After the injection, everybody feels fine and in good mood until the effect of the medicine fades off. The 2 parties built up such a hype to falsely tell the public that all the pain that the nec had to go trough was for Cambodians, but in fact it will be for the self-induction of the 123 which, in 2018, will become 125, demographic growth obliges.

After the pain was temporarily relieved, the nine “necks” promised to build sand castle in Spain with buzzwords such as independence, neutrality, impartiality and objectivity. What a circus of rigmarole, insincerity and absurdity!

Who on earth would believe that the nine necks with the spines so attached to their parties for decades against which favor, power and wealth have been constantly rewarded and accumulated would become overnight “independent, neutral, impartial and objective”?

Kacvey, do you think that Cambodians would believe that these nine “necks” are resurrected supreme or holy beings? Do Cambodians think that they are saints or angels? Do these nine necks think that nobody else has intelligence, knowledge, perspective and brain? Fools always think and believe that others are fools.

Where are the so-called independence, neutrality, impartiality and objectivity when the first order of the priority was to go to kowtow to foreign embassies for fund, help/assistance and knowledge/expertise? Where is then their self-esteem, the Khmerness, the pride of the Khmer blood and brain?

If such is the effect of the cortisone, the Cambodian night is going to be very dark, long and hopeless. The pain is still in the nec, and also somewhere else.

– Phnom Penh Post, 7 December 2017: NEC body to fight bad press
– Phnom Penh Post, 8 December 2017: New NEC members insist they are neutral