My dear Kacvey,

The “prâhok” season should be over by now, and Khmer households will soon start enjoying the “prâhok thméy”, vintage 2015.

Coming into the “prâhok”market is a new brand which is made of cultured fish called Khmer cod which is different from the cod of the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The Khmer cod is a hybrid fish crossed between 2 species, namely the ruling and the opposition fish, and cultured in an artificial pond with aquatic vegetation such as thirst for power, corruption, irresponsibility, un-accountability and nepotism. In order to produce the roe to become Khmer cod, the ruling and the opposition fish did not copulate the way fish generally does; instead they dated, they talked, they dialogued and they made secret deals. Out of this fooling around, they lay eggs which hatch into Khmer cod.

Since the pond is loaded with overly nutritious ingredients of green and gold colors, the cod grows rapidly. 3 months later, the cod was harvested. The Majority and the minority were trying very hard to sell this cod to the Khmer households, but unfortunately consumers prefer to stick to the regular fish from the Mekong and the Tonlé Sap as they have always known. They do their commercial pitch in the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk, in Siem Reap, on television, on Facebook, and even in Kuala Lumpur, but yet very few households rush to buy the cod, except their own.

Facing with such a high level of unsold inventory, the minority chef received a brilliant idea from a dream: why not making “prâhok” out of the whole stock of cod!

So said, so done.

Kacvey, if you happened to do your food shopping at Psar Teuk Lâ ârk, please get a jar of “prâhok” of cod for your next “chaar prâhok kroeurng”. A word of caution, though: Watch out for the smell when you open the jar!

Bon appétit, Kacvey!