My dear Kacvey,

You may certainly recall the letter titled “Ad interim” on 19 February 2015. Since then, nothing much has happened strangely, but a lot of incoherent and sometime contradictory undercurrents has surged beneath the water of the Mekong at the level of the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk.

Messages have been sent out directly or indirectly by the big nabob to different audiences about his future leadership of his party as well as his premiership, his nasty feelings about the first vice, his threat to bury the culture of dialogue if some “rescuers” continue to criticize his party or its members, his order to censure the critics and even his refusal to pay his losing bet on an international bout. On top of that, and in no uncertain terms he has subscribed an expensive insurance policy with the new nec that guarantees the victory of his party at whatever elections that may come, near or far.

The messages intentionally bear some strategic indicators like a fisherman who throws different baits at once to test the presence of fish in the lake.

On the opposition side, a lot of broken pots and pans have been strewn all over the place, and really dirty linens have been washed in the public places … and without detergents! Cracks are everywhere: within the party with defection and internal severe critics, among their supporters in the US and Canada, as well as in France, crowds supporting them in the provinces or elsewhere getting thinner and thinner. The 2 heads of the “rescue”snake are biting their only tail and venom is starting to re-enter the veins of the body. Do the 2 heads know what is going on around them and in their own organization and backyard, besides knowing what they only want to know?

What and who are they “rescuing” now? Would and could this be the new slogan: “Rescuers, please self-rescue!”

The opposition has now become a tamed-opposition or even a non-opposition. The only opposition it is doing is to oppose any critics levied against it; or their members are opposing among themselves or against each other. It is indeed convoluted, but when the opposition changes its nature, it changes its principles, its core value and its integrity. The rest is just logical consequences. Qui sème le vent, récolte la tempête.

So Kacvey, how do you make that out? Simple!

– The minority leader, always carrying the wreath of the self-appointed president of his own ex-party has found his niche in his old-political-enemy’s realm, therefore has no longer need of anybody else. Having reached a safe harbor, he can now burn the bridge or even sink the boat that once carried him. Gratitude to the electorate is a vain word, in Khmer politics.

– Once upon a time, the ruling party named a Majority leader who also holds the Interior portfolio. Such a Majority leader is supposed to be the partner of the minority leader in the culture of dialogue around … a pot of prâhok of cod!

Kacvey, what has happened to the Majority leader? Why has his spot been taken over by the big nabob himself? Why has he been so quiet? Why has he allowed the minority leader to upstage him on the national level? Has he been now paying the price for a chef-de-cabinet who was accused of killing a rich merchant? Intriguing, beguiling or provocative substitution, isn’t it!

– At the same time, one can also wonder what has happened to the 4 other pillars of the ruling party/government: the chairman of the council of ministers, the minister of national defense, the minister of foreign affairs and the minister of information? Have they now become de facto 3rd or 4th tier below the minority leader? Do they so easily allow an undesirable intruder into their coop?

– The next national elections in 2017 and 2018 being still a long, long way to go, are the main and permanent concerns of those whose personal ambition for leadership has no boundaries; they only want to lead but they do not want to serve. They create a constant and perpetual atmosphere of electoral campaign, so that they build up excuses for not working and doing the jobs that the electorates expect from them. Cambodians are not only betrayed during the elections, they are betrayed everyday, every week, every month and every year.

Kacvey, do you sense a Khmer overall mood of “political fatigue” in the street of any town or village in Cambodia?