My dear Kacvey,

Let start by thanking the newspapers “Thmey Thmey” and “The Cambodia Daily” for their service of reporting to the public.

So, the clash continues between the big nabob and the 1st vice.

Once, it was about “to change” or “to topple” (“Words wars on air” – 20/3/2015). They screamed at each other; they acted up  like spoiled brats in a television show. But nothing “adult” came out of that except the famous “codconculdia.” Big deal! Frogs croak in the pond when it rains!

Now, the clash takes a new turn and veers to the future, their future or the future of their party. And as always, nothing about the future of Cambodia.

The big nabob would make himself future president of his party and future prime minister during the next 6th mandate of the NA. Kacvey, did you hear that?! He has already and smoothly paved the highway for the premiership using the construction and road workers from the nec company. What has happened to the “injected new blood” that he so much bragged about during his party congress?

Meanwhile, the 1st vice tells the young generation to prepare itself to take over and run the party as he and the minority leader are ready to pass the relay stick. This might let the inhabitants of Takeo to wonder:

– did the 1st vice apply the intra-culture of dialogue with members of his party before making such an announcement?

– why did he leave open the political rationale and the time frame for such a transfer, if ever?

– from which pool, the so-called young generation would be chosen to take the reins of the party – the hrp pool? or the srp pool? or the family pool? – as the party as a whole never has a history of democratic elections for leadership or stewardship?

– would the 55 deputies be homogeneous enough for the possibility of imminent emergence of non-controversial figure(s) to lead the party?

– last but not least, would the 1st vice and the minority leader be honestly truthful in this political discourse?

Kacvey, you still have ample time to watch their move until 2018 and to find out how the 2 perspectives will turn out, but like all Khmer who have lived through endless political hyperbole, you continue to go about your own business and to let the frogs croaking in the bottom of the well similar to Zhuang Zi’s tale “井底之蛙” (jing di zhi wa.)