My dear Kacvey,

Were you surprised/shocked by the news from Zürich of the arrest of more than a dozen of FIFA Executive Committee members and other high officials? Or were you not at all since the corruption in FIFA has already been in the news for many years so far?

Corruption, whenever or wherever it is or happens, is like a bubble; sooner or later it will burst; and the corrupted will be caught and brought to justice.

Here are few questions for you when and if you happened to meet top brasses, military or otherwise, who are involved in the Football Federation of Cambodia (FFC) or the Cambodia Football National Team or the players nicknamed the “Angkor Warriors”:

What would be the position of the FFC in today’s election of the president of FIFA in Zürich?

Would the FFC be independent enough to vote its conscience without obeying the order of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC)?

Would the FFC have the courage and the integrity to condemn the corruption that is now openly known throughout the world? Or would it condone it as it does happen in Cambodia itself?

Would the FFC believe that the current FIFA president is clean enough to fight the corruption that has taken place under his stewardship? Or wouldn’t it be better to “nip the disease in the bud”, as once said Persius in his “Satire 3”?

Kacvey, football/soccer is too beautiful of a sport to be tainted by corruption committed by those who don’t play the game in the pitch!

UPDATE as of Tuesday 2 June 2014:

4 days after his re-election, FIFA President has now resigned. What does it tell us? He who willingly deceives the honest world will sooner or later find out that the honest world is, at last, nobody’s fool!

So, what should the FFC and Khmer football aficionados learn from this huge lesson?!

Kacvey, here are 2 links that could tell you how the corruption in FIFA was discovered:

And to a larger extent regarding corruption: