My dear Kacvey,

It has been a few days now that the big nabob has designated/appointed his own junior as a web honcho to represent and defend his party and to carry the spear and the banner to lead the challenge against the Khmer world of social media.

Since social media has been here for quite sometimes, and as they just realize the power of it, it could be said that “it’s better late than never.” Benefit of the doubt is fairness in all games.

In fact, as soon as the news came out, it attracts a lot of attention and curiosity among Khmer social media of all sort of political orientations, present company included. Welcome to the new kid in the block, one would say! And the more, the merrier!

Kacvey, would you have any doubt as to their ability to start the project? Indeed, no. With tons and tons of money that the party and its members have, through corruption or otherwise, they can certainly hire the best web designers in the world and engage any famous ghost writers or the most sophisticated plagiarists to work for them.

Let hope that the words of the big nabob will be translated into actions and result as soon as possible because in the end of the day, it is going to be deeds, not words, that matter. Or in Plautus’s words: “Let deeds match words.”

So, Kacvey, let wait and see:

– how junior’s brain is going to be matched/tested/challenged with other Khmer brains in the world of social media;

– how big nabob’s ideas/perspectives/strategies are going to be presented/articulated/amplified by the so-called “presumed dauphin”, and

– how the old guards of his party fare in the contemporary world where nothing is no longer sacrosanct.

Let the game begin, if you will!