My dear Kacvey,

Lately, there is a study which indicated the difference between the US and Cambodia as follows:

– The US has 1 President and a Vice-President, but Cambodia has 1 PM and 9 deputy PMs;

– The US has 16 secretaries and under-secretaries of state, but Cambodia has 486 ministers, secretaries and under-secretaries of state, and

– The US has $16.6 trillion of GDP and $51,688 per capita, but Cambodia has only $14 billion of GDP and $992 per capita.

Kacvey, you can instruct your law school students to do the critical analysis by including the number of military and police generals whose stars might comfortably outnumber those celestial ones in the whole galaxy. Please share the results later on. Thanks.

This preamble is to introduce the disclosure that 2 other high-ranking members (i.e. the deputy PM and minister of interior, and the new president of senate) of the ruling party have just been ennobled to be “samdachs”, right after the departure of another samdach, the previous president of the senate. 1 out, 2 in. Anybody can do anything one wishes in the house one rules!

But why only these 2? And why not also (or one of) the other 2: the deputy PM and chairman of the council of ministers, and the deputy PM and minister of national defense? Step-by-step and subtle elimination, or discreet reshuffling, one wonders!? Any favoritism in filigrane or veiled jealousy in the pipeline?

Nevertheless, could the plebeians also ask themselves whether their skill and talent ennoble Cambodia? Does aggrandizing members of their own clan dignify the essence of being a Khmer? Would this “samdachisation” be followed by an enfeoffment or is it already done in secrecy or in disguise? Middle age European or ancient imperial Chinese customs are indeed taking hold in contemporary Cambodia.

Would it be also ludicrous not to have seen any descendant of kings Norodom and Sisowath conferred or elevated to the rank of samdach, since Sandach Euv? Why, so?

Kacvey, let play some games with words, such as:

– Samdach – What if “am” is deleted, would they later be?

– To eat – Would they “soây”? or: still “pisar, sibai, haup, ah sray, boriphork, …”

– To go – Would they “yéang”? or:” touv, deur …”

– To sleep – Would they “phtoum”? or: “dék, kééng, chaul moung, …”

– To die – Would it be “sokouth”? or: “chaak thaan, moronak, slapp, ngoàb, …”

Well, each society has its own nature, substance and hierarchy, but the bottom line is, as the saying goes, the higher you climb, the harder will be the fall.

Or to paraphrase Montaigne: Si haut que l’on soit placé, on n’est jamais assis que sur son cul.