My dear Kacvey,

So, the extraordinary congress of the ruling party has confirmed what has been known as the sun always rises in the East! Where are the fireworks to celebrate the investiture of the big nabob as president of the party (506 out of 507)? Where are the hurrahs and streets celebrations by the members-at-large of the party? Why this solemn and joyless extraordinary congress organised in such a hurry after the death of the president?

The prologue to the fatigue of power amalgamated with the disinterest of the citizenry?

Anyway, no new faces coming out of the congress at the helm of the party. It’s the same engine that runs the car since 1978 with the same driver and same passengers. The car has a new coat of paint, the people inside with fatter cheeks, dyed and greasy hair, in nicer suits and pockets with heavy load of green bucks; it’s vintage communist-turned-autocratic, disguised as democracy. It’s also a lot of noises but limited substance. As Alphonse Karr’s epigram tells us: “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.” The more it changes, the more it’s the same thing.

There is however one thing that defies political logic, if such logic does exist. The “new” president is seconded by 2 vice-presidents, one of which is the newly appointed president of the senate.

Let take a moment to ponder on this case of one vice-president who is also the president of the senate. According to the constitution, when the king is out of the country, the president of the senate will act as the head of state. Now, in a hypothetical scenario where the king is on a state visit to a foreign country for a number of days, would then “the prime minister and the party president” be hierarchically lower than the vice-president of the party? Meanwhile, if there is an official meeting or ceremony, would “the prime minister and the president of the party” sit behind the vice-president and play second fiddle? Role reversal? And who is the auxiliary ego?

Kacvey, you may be asking why this letter to you? It’s simple: it is an invite to watch people climbing up the tree; when they reach the lofty peak, a heavy and drenching rain breaks out! Where else would they go?