My dear Kacvey,

In the political highway in the heart of the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk, the big guys drive their truck according to the way they want without any respect to the traffic laws, signs, lights, or even policemen. And as could be expected, collisions happen incessantly with fatalities as consequences.

Were you then astonished at the collision between the big nabob and a senator of a latent political party regarding a posting in FB? The echo of the percussion which is ridiculously childish and abusive was even reverberated in a column of the Al-Jazeera:

Guess since last Thursday (8/13/2015) you have read all the comments and reporting in the local press, both in Khmer and other languages, and you could not help but laugh at the puerile and irresponsible attitudes of the Khmer politicians vis-à-vis the laws of the land and the Khmer population that they represent, govern and rule.

Respectfully leaving aside what cognoscenti have already said and expressed, let us – between friends – pick up 3 points from the above article and deconstruct them unregimentedly.

1. A senator from an inoperative political party posted a fake treaty document in his FB account.

Granted that his FB account is his private business over which he is sovereign, why did he need to revert himself into openly fabricating untrue fact, making false representation and falsifying the document? Where is the human dignity and honesty of holding such a high position in the national scale? How is he going to face the constituency that he represents or is he making a mockery of all of them? As there is more than one way to promote one’s own idea and conviction, why resorting to this disgraced and dishonored action?

It was also reported that the senator holds the French citizenship as well. Would he then be able and going to shake heaven and hell at the Palais de Luxembourg among his French “peers”? or the Palais de l’Elysée and Matignon to intervene in his favor? By the way, Kacvey, it would be very interesting to wonder whether he would enter the real rat race to fight among the Frenchmen of the Hexagone for a seat at the Palais de Luxembourg?

Franco-Khmers of France and KCPB of Europe, would you be parading and demonstrating at Place de Trocadéro or in the Jardin de Luxembourg to show your support to this “barang” senator?

Heraclitus, once said: “A man’s character is his fate.”

2. The political party that the senator represents has already been merged with another political party to become the current opposition party. Why on earth does the entire 3 branches of Cambodian democratic powers and institutions (Legislative, Judiciary and Executive) allow him to continue to hold the torch of the party that has already been transformed into a new entity where he even is  a full-fledged member and official? If the constitution has such a loophole, why then the legislative branch and the constitutional council do not draft an amendment to the constitution to correct this anomaly? Man creates the constitution, then man can also change it!

Kacvey, it would be of utmost importance to analyze this situation through a seminar with your students of Constitutional Laws and bring to their attention the deficiency in the representativeness of the Khmer senate.

3. The big nabob took the liberty to read the senator’s FB account and found the content of the posting untrue; he then accused the senator of treason and ordered the police of his government to arrest and charge him. As of this writing, the police did already arrest him and the court followed the marching order. Well, this alone could well open up a plethora of subjects for discussion.

As an example, if the big nabob has the time to read an individual’s FB, why only this particular senator’s FB? Lo! he must have had a bizarrely amazing intuition!

FB users, beware, Big Brother is reading you!

This scenario again confirms that Cambodia is no longer a truly democratic country. Actual autocracy and the absolute dominance of the executive branch over the legislative and the judiciary branches oppress the development of democratic principles and values that Khmer citizens are craving and always fighting for.

Kacvey, there is not one day in the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk that Khmer politicians exercise the basic common sense and common decency to serve Cambodia and its people; they let their ego to get drunk in the barrels of toxic power and self-glorification. When they are drunk, they act irresponsibly; and when their irresponsibility drives, collision is inevitable on the highway of ambition and unaccountability.

Regardless of the outcome of this half-witted saga, Diogenes’s witticism was again on the dot when he said: “Calumny is only the noise of madmen.”