My dear Kacvey,

Would you by any chance happen to know whether in the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk there would be a census to take stocks of how many “samdachs” and “oknhas” there are in the current Khmer nomenclature or Who-is-Who?

You may ask why this question? Because it seems that Khmer leaders, in the quest for their own higher and more sublime self-glorification, wanted to raise the cathedra of their title to another level of dais they are now occupying. It also seems that they have found a new altar for a trivial deification of an insignificant and common human!

Although, even if the news was almost 2-months old, it is without a doubt that this group of people have brewed and nurtured the idea long before they voluntarily and timely put out for public consumption. Many thanks to “Thmey Thmey” and hope that they still keep it in their e-library!

Kacvey, could you please spare some times to go to our village pagoda to inquire with our old folks and stalwarts who strongly and faithfully support our religion how a mere mortal, without having done anything during his whole lifetime for the good of Khmer humanity – except for his own egoism! – could become a “préah”?

Well, since the world is populated with humans – all saints and angels being in heaven, others in Hades, as it has been said! – let us fathom on a saying by Diogenes: “Man is the most intelligent of the animals, and the most silly.”

And furthermore, as recorded by Diogenes Laertius (not the same person as the above “Diogenes”) “To someone who was talking about astronomical matters, Diogenes said, ‘And how many days did it take you to get down from the sky?’