My dear Kacvey

Rumour is abuzz in the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk that a very high-level Cambodian delegation would be at the Headquarters of the United Nations to participate in the celebration of its 70th anniversary and the Sustainable Development Summit 2015 scheduled for 25 -27 September 2015. It has also been heard that the Cambodian delegation is scheduled to address the General Assembly of the United Nations in the morning of 2 October 2015…. when most of the biggies will have already left town!

Well, with Pope Francis addressing the same General Assembly on 26 September in front of about 171 heads of state, presidents and prime ministers, it would be very interesting to see or to learn how the head of the Cambodian delegation interacts with those world personalities in this august world diplomatic arena … and outside and far, far away from the podium of Koh Pich. When a small fish swims in a very big pond with all types of big and very big Incidentally, more than 2300 years ago, Confucius told his disciples how small a man is in the universe through this metaphor of his: “登东山而小鲁国,登泰山而小天下”

Kacvey, would you remember at one very recent time, the big nabob boasted that he could teach some presidents, prime ministers or ambassadors of some democracies about ruling a country without change? Hope that in September 2015 at the United nations he could match his words with his deeds!

Would you also warn your law school students to carefully search what would be Cambodia contributions in the preparation and participation in the Sustainable Development Summit 2015, and the 6 Interactive Dialogues? Who would be the experts to carry the Cambodian flag, ideas and proposals?

Or as you know it very well, in any big meeting, there always are people who just show up for photo ops for posterity usage!!

Hope that the Cambodian delegation would receive the warmest welcome from overseas Khmer who are sympathizers, supporters or members of the ruling party!