My dear Kacvey,

Rumors are floating in the Pochentong airport that something oddly and incongruously Cambodian might happen in the Big Apple, the Headquarters of the United Nations: while the big nabob who leads the Cambodian delegation to the United Nations 70th General Assembly and the “United Nations Sustainable Development Summit-2015” would be by now in New York (“When a small fish….” refers), a delegation of the opposition party would also be in the same city almost at the same time.

Whether the 2 sides coordinate their foreign trips independently or otherwise, or whether they will quietly or noisily cross each other’s path in the streets of New York, each side will certainly have something to say about the other. Nothing is new about that!

But Kacvey, the political campaign habit has been that when the opposition party arrives in any city or town in the US, its members rarely missed the opportunities to visit the Buddhist temple(s) of that city or town either to pay respect to Buddha (twai bangkoum prèah) or for fund-raising among their faithful supporters and sympathizers, Buddhists or otherwise. Would the 2 groups then spare some times to visit the 2 Khmer Buddhist temples in the Big Apple and to chat with their congregants as an extension of the so-called culture of dialog?

Bronx and Brooklyn, are you ready?