My dear Kacvey,

It seems lately that the autocracy is running out of political and innovative intelligence. Winter is coming and the brain getting frozen.

The constant repetition by the nabob and his liege men of the unfounded reasoning that, if the ruling party doesn’t have the backing and support of the majority of the voters anymore, the country will plunge into war.  In their own mind, they make up imaginary and phantom war with hallucinatory and bogus protagonists. Could this also be the scheme designed by “sonny”, the new intelligence boss, who would be trying to test his own skill in imitating the “war scare of 1875” or the “war scare of 1983” à la cambodgienne? Every time they have the microphone, they go into lengthy fictional predictions of danger, disaster, disorder and calamity if the voters decide that they will not allow them to return to power anymore. Si vis pacem, para bellum?

But one can ask oneself: Why this constant repetition and premonition? Do they have now become oracles, avatars or sidewalk soothsayers? When you fall into a barrel of power for too long and get drunk with it, you become an adept of occultism!

Well, the answer is self-evident: The Khmer people in 2015 to 2018 are no longer the same as those in 2013 or earlier. Education of/in life has made them more aware of what they are able to see and to think consequently. To paraphrase Descartes: “They are, therefore they think”. They think about the time of war under the KR; they think about the KRs or the ex-KRs who killed their relatives; they think about foreign soldiers who overstay in their lands; they think that they have known and lived through enough real war in their life time. Therefore, they think that whoever is selling the idea of war in the aftermath of the elections results is a bogus man, a sham.

Plutarch reported a saying by a Spartan, Cleomenes Son of Anaxandridas, which goes: “I am not the same person that I was before, and not being the same, what I approve of is not the same either.”

Let turn the issue upside down and see what is hidden underneath. The question would be: If war happened like they have been predicting, where would they be then? Would it be themselves who would unilaterally declare the war? Would they be willing and ready to take full responsibility for the declaration of war act? On which side of the battle will they position themselves? Will they kill innocent Khmer the way the KRs and the ex-KRs had killed? Will they constitute themselves the enemies of peaceful Khmer people who would have voted? How will they justify taking up arms against democratic elections? Will they return to the “maquis” the same way the KRs and ex-KRs did under the Sangkum, the Khmer Republic or the PRK? Will they be willing to abandon their vast fortune and wealth for “underground resistance”? Guns to kill ballots?

Sensing their rhetoric hitting the rock, they are doubling up the ante by advancing the propaganda that the army honcho and the police honcho could not be removed from their post by any new government that is not of their party. But then again, could they be removed by the government of their own party if the latter is not satisfied with them for whatever reason, made-up or otherwise? Are the army honcho and the police honcho working for the country, or are they working for their party? What give them the idea that they are Ares and Mars re-incarnated with mortal’s masks? Is this a ploy by the big nabob to begin to shift the blame from his own shore to someone’s else?

Well, Kacvey, the inference that they invoke is so low and lame that to deliberate further about it is to dignify their obliviousness and incognizance.

Let them use their free will and freedom to continue to bark out their own moribund predictions. Please have some sore throats medicine ready, in case!