My dear Kacvey,

Ah! What comes around goes around!

You may certainly recall our discussion on “KCTM ខ្មែរមានជាតិតែមួយ” vs. “KCPB ខ្មែរមានជាតិពីរបី” on 21 November 2014. How strange, 13 months later the issue is all over the local newspapers to which a great deal of Thanks is herewith expressed:

Thmey Thmey:

Phnom Penh Post: PM’s pledge: “no pardon” for Rainsy

The Cambodia Daily: PM to Ban Dual Citizens From arty Leadership

So, what to make out of all this? Simple. This is the delayed unwanted consequences of the hurrahs, the fanfare and the commotion during UNTAC and its aftermath where “Cambodians” of overseas rushed to return to Cambodia under the emblems of different political parties to “touv chuoy chéat”, to get power and glory and to get rich. Opportunities were opened for many of them who, if for example stay in France, would still remain “boulot, métro, dodo” or queuing at the ANPE. It was a lawless period, and lawlessness was voluntarily created and instituted to capitalize on the trauma of the post-war/conflict situation and conditions.

Kacvey, you know very well how these people have been doing during the last 20 years or so: villas, dollars, Lexus cars, Naga and young donas. “Touv chuoy chéat” changes direction to greed, lust and corruption. Moreover, their love for the hollow title of “His Excellency” is higher than the distance from earth to moon! If only “their excellency” know that they are “damnaang réas” first, and do the job for their constituency who elected them! If only they are conscientious and intelligent enough to figure out that their “elected function” and their “title that comes with that function” can be combined to become “excellent damnaang réas!”

Sensing the wind in his sail, the big nabob will be launching a multi-prong foray against the KCPB of the opposition by counting on 2 premises: 1) the KCPB in other political formations having no seats in the national assembly not showing any serious threat to the ruling party: the 68-vote bloc including himself and the KCPB of his party, and 2) the quasi-disarray of the opposition.

By the way, how many out of the 55 parliamentarians of the opposition are currently outside of Cambodia? If and when they are out of the country, in the name of public offices, who represents and serves their constituency? Why putting the constituency in a state of being disfranchised in the legislative body?

At the end of the day, it will come down to the question of “commitment”:

  • what is the commitment of the KCPB of the opposition? To the country or to the “Lexus car”?
  • within the opposition, is the “commitment” of the KCPB to the country equal to the “commitment” of their KCTM peers?

In any country, there are plenty of people who hold dual or multi citizenship and they can have the best of both worlds. But if they enter politics, the paradigm changes. Politics requires moral and national responsibility. And as an English proverb goes: “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

– Thmey Thmey,16 October 2017: ច្បាប់​ថ្មី​៖ កៅអី​សភា និង​ឃុំ​សង្កា​ត់របស់ CNRP នឹង​បាន​ទៅលើ CPP បើ​បក្ស​ផ្សេង​មិន​យក​
– The Phnom Penh Post, 16 October 2017: Breaking: National Assembly passes election law amendments to allow CNRP seat distribution