My dear Kacvey,

So Kacvey, the “nec” made a big and hollow news on Friday 15 January 2016 that the pain is recurring and will not be cured before 2019! The man who carried the painless “nec” in 2013 elections has now been given a clean bill of health to come back to reenact the same scenario for 2017 and 2018 elections.

Here go to the ashtray all the big talks about reforming the electoral laws!

The more one reforms, the more one remains the same!

What a joke that smells up to high heaven!

Hope you recall our discussion on “When the pain in the “nec” is cortisoned” on 26 April 2015. Well, it looks like something hits the fan again as far as the opposition is concerned.

It is a big and elaborated coup orchestrated by some of the “9 necers” to bring back the person who knows how to ensure the victory for the ruling party. And they continue to call themselves “independent/neutral”, and if so – would they dare put their money where their mouth is? – why not making public the selection process and the final vote?

Flashback to July 2013 and its aftermath:

  • Remember the declaration of “68 seats” even before the “nec” had finished the tallies?
  • Remember the huge amount of disputed ballots?
  • Remember the banning of any investigation into elections irregularities?
  • Remember the boycott of the “55”?
  • Remember the meeting of the “55” in Siem Reap and the group photo in front of Angkor Wat?
  • Remember the demonstrations at the Independence Park?
  • Remember the guys in black around the Park?
  • Remember the parade of the garments workers and the $170.00 demand?
  • Remember those who were arrested and are still in jail without investigation or trial?
  • Remember Véng Séng street?
  • Remembers the innocents fatalities?

Or, has the “Lexus” made them forgetting what their supporters cannot forget?

Kacvey, you who live in the city of Tonlé Buon Mouk and have relatives and friends in provinces must be tired of being taken for granted and treated like bound-feet chickens that are offered for sales at Psar Thméy. It’s about time to stop watching this insane play and to say clear and loud: the comedy is not funny anymore and has lasted long enough. Pull down the curtain. Enough is enough.