My dear Kacvey,

There has been a lot of “aspirations” to be a future prime minister of Cambodia floating around in the media, social or otherwise, in the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk, in interview in Australia, even at John Hopkins University.

To have aspiration is what a woman/man is all about for what she/he will be doing for the rest of her/his days, because a woman/man without aspiration is but a rock.

But a rational and sane woman/man with real aspiration does not walk around and tell whom who does want to hear what her/his aspiration is; modesty and discretion in character are partners of aspiration; the other partners are education, hard-working, diligence, ethics, perseverance and putting oneself into the service of the society. To be a so-called “dauphin” of an unprincipled and autocratic ruler does qualify oneself to the aspiration, but does not qualify oneself to the certainty that that would be fulfilled. The era of power by heritage is archaic and has no place in a democratic society where citizens are free, independent, sovereign and law-abiding. Woman/man is born equal in opportunity.

Kacvey, that being said, the story of Constantine’s 3 children would be to alert the memory of your friends and your students who have no aspiration at all to become prime minister of Cambodia, but to observe the course of events that would carry the “dauphins” to that self-created vanity.

Oh, before it begins, this is not about the Franco-American actor Eddie Constantine in his role as Lemmy Caution.

In a nutshell, Constantine (272-337), the Roman Emperor from 306 to 337, had 3 male children: Constantine II (316-340), Constantius II (317-361) and Constans (323-350). He moved the empire capital from Rome to a new capital that he named after himself, Constantinople (today’s Istanbul, Turkey). After his death in 337, in order to accommodate his 3 sons to the throne, the empire was divided into 2, with Constantinople as the Eastern Capital, and Rome the Western Capital. Constantius II reigned in the Eastern Capital, and Constantine II and Constans reigned in the Western Capital. But Constantius II was an ambitious and cruel man whose “aspiration” was to rule the empire as a sole emperor. So, he manipulated in such a way to have Constantine II killed in 340 and Constans in 350. Not only he had his 2 brothers killed, but also other relatives who he suspected might also have ambition to the throne, such as his uncle and his cousins. In 351, he proclaimed himself sole emperor of the Roman Empire. He died 10 years later while the Romans were in war with the Persians. He was succeeded by Julian, the surviving son of his uncle that he had killed before.

When the “father” is gone, fratricidal wars in the name of battle for power and supremacy are everywhere in the history of mankind, from antiquity to present days, in the East as well as in the West. And it is not going to stop tomorrow.

So, Kacvey, the KR ruled Cambodia brutally and mercilessly from 1975 to 1978, and it is the process that has still been carried out on the continuum by the ex-KR, but just under a different “outfit”. Khmer, Beware of the “dauphins”!