My dear Kacvey,

Did you apply for one of the 362 positions as a thespian in the Non-Exhilarating Comedy troupe? If you did, you would now become the official civil servant comedian! And whatever you do on stage, people will haughtily laugh in your face!

Well, Kacvey, it seems that in the Non-Exhilarating Comedy organization, there is a big confusion or ignorance about the notion of independence which is defined as the freedom from outside control or support. So, instead, the head of the troupe defines independence according to his own ignorance and uneducated knowledge and makes the 362 thespians to believe that, as they now are integrated into the civil servant corps of functionaries, they could still be independent like they used to be until 2013. A nonsensical and absurd mind makes nonsensical and absurd statement. To paraphrase Chilon, he must have had let his tongue over running his thought, if thought there is.

So, the July 2014 deal between the ruling and the opposition for a reformed NEC is ending up in a non-exhilarating comedy where the plot turns out to be the same old stuff: the opposition, despite its claim on the contrary, gets cheated in plain daylight again and again.

Kacvey, you must have heard the head of the army and the head of the police army who are members of the ruling circle clamoring the independence of the army and the police in the event that the ruling party will not return to power? Their independence is in the dependence of the party, not the constitution or the laws of the country.

What comes around goes around. 2017 and/or 2018 will be 2013 “repeat.” And so has it been decided by the head of the Non-Exhilarating Comedy troupe under the watchful eyes of the “independent” supreme autocrat. The rest is duck soup.


– 7 February 2017
RFA: លោក រ៉ុង ឈុន ប្រកាសលាឈប់ពី គ.ជ.ប ប្រសិនបើបក្សប្រឆាំងត្រូវរំលាយ
– 9 February 2017, The Phnom Penh Post: Revision to Law on Political Parties could trigger NEC resignation