My dear Kacvey,

What a relief not to have seen your name or your sosie among the 49 “stars” slated for early retirement!

Many thanks are herewith expressed to Thmey Thmey for its reporting of the news to the public which has always been wondering about the high number of generals in the police force and whether or not the quality of the “stars” is lower than the general commoner. Here is the link:

Kacvey, could you please open your eyes and ears when you pass through the corridor of power in the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk in order to learn:

  • The reason behind this massive push into retirement;
  • Which and how many policemen would be promoted to the position and rank left vacant by the prospective retirees, or to be created to accommodate new “cousins, nephews and friends”?
  • What is the criteria for promotion to the “star” level? Would it be based on whoever could best fill up the coffer of the party or the pockets of the “lok chau waii” or “mé”?
  • What is the level of education, both in general studies and in law enforcement sciences, required of those future “stars”?
  • If so many generals are going to be put into retirement, how this would reflect on the performance of the ministry that oversees the police?
  • Since the ministries of public works and agriculture got an “F”, how would the super-general or the generalissimo grade this ministry? Would he dare go for a lower grade than “F”? Man it up, generalissimo!

When the “generals” have become such a trivial generality that the general public would in general equate it with the generalization here called “big binc”: big banality, incompetence, nepotism and corruption, no “general” would ever command respect from the non-general, let alone the general commoner.

With so many “stars” no longer sown to the shoulders of uselessness, they would now be able to return to the galaxy to brighten up a little more the dark night of the Khmer political landscape.