My dear Kacvey,

Well, the last week seems to be full of surprises in the City of Tonlé Buon Mouk while the supremo was in Sochi enjoying caviar banquet and vintage vodka. Things are getting strange, to say the least, and the orchestra seems to be out of tune. Are the musicians playing different music sheets or the conductor starts to lose the control of the performance?

Let pick up the clues from The Cambodia Daily of 17 and 20 May 2016. Thanks TCD for these 2 contemplative pieces: a TCD of 17 May 2016 article reads: “Active Government Can Avert Revolution: Sar Kheng” and another TCD of 20 May 2016 reads: “General Banh Tells Protesters to Get Permission or Go to Jail

So, from a study point of view, what could your students detect from the statements made by the main 2 pillars from day 1 of the ruling party and the government? And why other stalwarts such as the DPM or the MinInfo are so silent to the point where the public would secretly wonder “where and why have they been hiding?”

The exercise should not be too much into reading the tea leaves as nothing has changed since the premises pertaining to them are well-known throughout: devotion to the party, power and glory, amassing unlimited wealth and fortune, corruption instilled deep into the morrow, hanging on to power at any cost, democratic in words but autocratic in acts, and self-idolization. But somehow, there are detected and unsaid situations that leave few questions open:
– Do the Interior and the Defence reach the top of the ladder? No, because there is a position higher than their current one.
– Is there a competition between the Interior and the Defence for that position, should it become vacant? Probably, desire is a virtue but also a vice.
– Since both of them have their “forces” under them, do the 2 “forces” work in sync? They would all say “Yes”, but what does “Yes” mean in their heart and mind?
– Which of the 2 “forces” views citizens and voters as the people they have to protect and serve? Which of the 2 “forces” views citizens and voters as the people to be oppressed and subjects of tyranny? And which of the 2 “forces” views the party over the country?
– Is “revolution” about the color or about the idea and perspective for the future of the society? Or even a cultural or moral revolution? Nothing is stagnant; nothing is today; nothing is about today; everything changes continuously; everything is about tomorrow.
– Is autocracy a right extolled by those who cannot see that democracy is front and center of the life of free people? Victor Hugo, once said: “When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right.”

Kacvey, let compare the words/sentences extracted form the hyperlinks, because words are the expression of the mind, have power and can be worth a fair amount of pure gold when it is true. Socrates told humanity that “false words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.”Defence: Protesters to Get Permission or Go to Jail.

Interior: the color revolution could occur because of inactiveness in our management;
Defence: they want to overthrow the government that is led by the CPP, or overthrow the CPP.

Interior: If our management can allow them to live with happiness together, there is no reason for a color revolution to happen;
Defence: We have one thing to say to anyone who creates obstacles to our work. We will take measures.

Interior: Sometimes, people only speak from one to another, so we do not know what the color revolution is. We do not know what the reason is for a color revolution;
Defence: What is Black Monday?

Interior: If the people criticize the bad management of forests, so we must work hard to protect forests well and find solutions through justice by the law, and we do not need to crack down on people;
Defence: If you want to protest, it is OK. But you have to ask for permission. Ask for permission, and it will either be allowed or not allowed. It is at the discretion of the people in charge of the venue. If you do it illegally, you will be arrested.

Kacvey, please put these words in a matrix and the answers will pop out. After all, 2 men who have all the stars from the galaxy on their epaulets are mere humans with secrets ambitions and distinctions.

Adam Smith, once said: “No dog exchanges bones with another.”



3 June 2016.
The Phnom Penh Post has a stunning article: “Ministry official wary of Sokha arrest strategy” as well as The Cambodia Daily: “Police May Choose Not to Apprehend Sokha”

Kacvey, it looks like nothing will stop here anymore!! And also, stay alert on the issue of the so-called letter from the royal palace on the investigation of thumbprints. Meanwhile, do study the articles of the Constitution that deal with fabricated statement by government officials and lèse-majesté.

30 September 2016
The Phnom Penh Post reported: Interior minister calls for calm, negotiations