My dear Kacvey,

You must be very saddened by the news of the death of Mr. Kem Ley by ASSASSINATION.

Please convey to Mr. Kem Ley’s family and his party’s members the most profound condolences expressed by Cambodia, Khmer and Cambodian democracy.

Mr. Kem Ley is departing this world and leaving a history of his courage to reinforce democracy in Cambodia by refusing to submit himself to both, ruling and opposition, parties and by telling all Khmer that Cambodia is bigger than any party/parties, individually or combined.

The way the assassin executed Mr. Kem Lay leaves serious doubts that he, although being a lone gunner, acted on his own initiative. It also tells other Khmer that when autocracy of KR ideology gets caught red-handedly, they, be it man or woman, revert to the old techniques and tactics of KGB, Stasi or Red Guards to eliminate all obstacles strewn on their path. They talk democracy, but they hold a gun hidden under a handkerchief in the back of the people they pretend to govern. They fire it with desire and at will.

Kacvey, again this background, Mr. Kem Ley used “to joke”: “Kill one to scare one thousand.” For the respect of his memory and courage, and for those Khmer who carry, for posterity, his torch of pure and honest democracy and respect of Khmer dignity, let reconsider that “joke” to mean: “Kill one, one thousand will sprout.”

Mr. Kem Ley, you will not be forgotten and the day of your assassination is the day of birth of a new order of moral revolution in Cambodia. We call it: Khmer Consciousness Revolution.

This photo album will carry your memory into the realm of permanency.
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