My dear Kacvey,

It has been more than 100 days (and counting) that the fallout of the infidelity saga has impugned upon the 5 human rights defenders who have been unjustly and illegally accused, arrested and detained as prisoners.

– Whereas the freedom and liberty of the protagonists in the saga are not affected,
– Whereas the illegal wiretapping set-up and its broadcasting have never been seriously investigated,
– Whereas the judicial proceedings have never been conducted in such a way that the prosecution has proved its case,
– Whereas the interpretation of texts of laws is always in the mind of the ideologues of the ruling party and has never been discussed or tested either by academicians or people of integrity and politically non-partisan, or even had a jurisprudence,
- Whereas the information on the investigation and the interrogation has been scanty and difficult to confirm or verify,
The fate of the 5 human rights defenders has been abandoned to the whim of autocratic authority and its mob-like rule court.

Everyday that passes is another day of agony due to separation from their family,
– another day where family members suffer the consequences of arbitrary autocratic acts,
– another day that autocracy tightens the screw of repression upon the citizenry in its exercise of freedom and liberty of expression, and
– another day that plunges Cambodia untested democracy and rule of law deeper into the darkness of dictatorship of one-man rule.

Kacvey, it would be unfathomable that your students, who are also citizens and voters, would not want to discuss this politico-judicial charade in political philosophy class;
– it would be highly probable that some of your students could have family ties with some, if not all, of the 5 human rights defenders;
– it would be unthinkable how sharp the moral pain would be in their heart and mind, every time they see on TV screen the 5 human rights defenders dressed in prisoner orange jumpsuit and shackled;
– it is their silent voice that cries out for society to hear “what crime against the society have the 5 human rights defenders committed?”
– “if crime there is, who is the victim of that crime?”, and “what damage to society and people that that crime has caused?”
– “if crime there is, has the autocratic prosecution demonstrated its motive and mode of execution by the 5 accused?”
– “if crime there is, where is the guilty verdict to justify the penitentiary incarceration?”
– “if crime there is, is the punishment commensurate with the degree of crime?”
– “if crime there is, what is the causality between this mock-up crime and the principal commission of infidelity and wiretapping?”

Kacvey, the 4 walls of autocratic injustice in which the 5 human rights defenders are imprisoned are made of nepotism and corruption; it is therefore thicker than the walls of a bank vault that stores the wealth that has been illegally and dishonestly amassed in the name of Hostile Takeover. That wealth runs the course of injustice that currently victimizes and persecutes the 5 human rights defenders and their respective family.

In the wild jungle, beasts live among beasts, and set their own rule of dominance. Why does today’s man’s world resemble so much the jungle of beasts? Maybe because, “Every man has a wild beast within him” (Frederick the Great) or worst, “What an ugly beast the ape, and how like us” (Marcus Tullius Cicero.)

Kacvey, you may wish to stimulate and widen your students thinking and to strengthen their analytical approach towards this issue by assigning them to study Emile Zola’s “J’accuse.” Indeed there is no resemblance in the actual case of Dreyfus with the case of the 5 human rights defenders, but the notion of “mock-up crime”, “injustice” and “unethical behavior” by the authority is well convergent to both cases. The French version of “J’accuse” is from, the English version, “I accuse“, from Albert Camus, once, said: “A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world” and as a consequence of his autocratic conduct, many honest and innocent people pay a very high price for their life.

Let make a difference in solidarity with FreeThe5Kh!

1) In early November 2016, the American Bar Association issued a report Trial Observation Report in the Case of Ny Chakrya
2) On 7 December 2016, The Cambodia Daily posted a breaking news: “Adhoc Officers, Election Official, Commune Chief to Be Released, CNRP Says.” Let wait and see how the next few days/weeks will tell.
3) On 25 January 2017, the United Nations Human Rights issued a Press Release: Cambodia: UN experts call for the immediate release of five human rights defenders
4) On 7 July 2017, Press briefing note on Turkey, China and Cambodia