My dear Kacvey,

You must certainly have heard or read about the verbal vulgarity spouted in public by a leader in these terms: អាពៅ.. បើអញចរចា ឆ្កែសុទ្ធ.

How many millions of Khmer whose education on politeness, courtesy and decency is the core of Khmer fundamental character, and yourself, feel ashamed of such unrefined, coarse and rude show of mentality and tone?

Oh, how can any Khmer of decent, apt, decorous and respectable feeling and education tolerate such a shameful, indignant, disgraceful and dishonorable language used by a leader! Unless, that said leader himself is hateful, unworthy, reprehensible, unprincipled and odious. As Arthur Schopenhauer, once, said: “Will minus intellect constitutes vulgarity.”

Does he know that using foul language in public discourse does not impress nor convince anybody; on the contrary, it would make people look down on him. It plainly shows that he runs out of idea, reason and intelligence to formulate a sentence of wit and levelheadedness. To be cute and vulgar might be sometimes applauded in vaudeville or burlesque theater, but political arena carries a much higher standard and expectation from respectable and honorable citizens.

អាពៅ – Whoever he/she might be alluded to, must have a real given name, a personality and an existence. Why being afraid of calling him/her directly by her/his name? How would this leader feel if that “អាពៅ”, in return and on an even platform, called him by another derogatory and disrespectful nickname? If a man respects another man, he is respected by that man.

អញ – Like in any other languages, the Khmer language is not short of terms that a man can use to call himself. In ordinary parlance in familial hierarchy or among closed friends, អញ is an acceptable and tolerable word, contextually speaking. But if one witnesses a feud/fight/dispute/brawl on the sidewalks, អញ carries a totally different connotation: rude, bully, arrogant, nasty, crude, smutty and uncultured. Some Khmer families keep this 2nd connotation out of the gate of their houses. Kacvey, you draw the conclusion!

ឆ្កែ – Many people love dog as domestic pet/companion/best friend; it is obedient and its love is unconditional. But unfortunately, all dogs are not alike. There are purebred dog, pedigree, crossbred dog, stud dog, mixed breed. There are also pariah dog, feral dog, stray dog, wild dog, crazy dog etc … So, when he characterizes himself as a ឆ្កែសុទ្ធ if he decided to negotiate, why does he need to convert himself into a dog, pedigree or otherwise? Is he still living in the age of “The Arabian Nights” where Genie has the magic and supernatural power to change human being to dog? Does the conversion of a man to a dog makes the man more powerful or does it make him beastly? Making oneself into a dog is making self-bestiality. Kacvey, you’re the judge.

Kacvey, if អា is added to ឆ្កែសុទ្ធ, what weight of vulgarity, discourtesy and indecency the new locution would carry? Would he like to called “that”? Chanakya, an ancient Indian politician said: “The life of an uneducated man is as useless as the tail of a dog which neither covers its rear end, nor protects it from the bites of insects.”

By the way, was there any applause when អាពៅ.. បើអញចរចា ឆ្កែសុទ្ធ was squirted out through the microphone?

Silence is disapproval.